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Hi, to a friend’s article and Bcnex supporters. How are you guys ?? As I explained earlier, this time I will also explain repeatedly about this extraordinary project. this Bcnex project is its name. But as usual, before I explain in more detail about the Bcnex project, it would be nice if we remember the history and the journey of Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin was created because it fulfills to people’s needs about the importance of investment value in the future.
Because it is fluactive or changes at any time, bitcoin is very popular and is the first choice for people who want to invest. therefore, bitcoin is developing very rapidly and continues to grow today. and supported by the birth of many new projects that have sprung up to enliven the cryptocurency world today. And one of the projects is Bcnex.
Okay dear reader … Do you want more details about this project?


Bcnex is the number one trading Platform in the world of cryptocurrency at this time. And Bcnex is a platform made based on crypto world lovers, where in this case, Bcnex is a trading platform that has more quality than other platforms. Based on Blockhain technology, Bcnex gives freedom to every user to make trade transactions, according to what they want. Bcnex was established in Vietnam in 2006 by communities and people who have high enthusiasm to build a platform that shines in the future. Bcnex has contributed greatly to the Vietnamese community, especially those who are members of the platform community. Through the learning process gained during the establishment of Bcnex, until finally Bcnex was able and became an International-based Platform. Starting from making real-time data applications for auction cells and finally becoming a platform that has high quality as it is today. But aside from that, Bcnex is an exchange platform supported by high technology and supported by a professional team of professionals who work tirelessly day and night in order to make the platform more advanced and shining in the future.
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~How Its Plattform Work
Bcnex is the Ultimate Platform that is currently developing. By using high security standards Bcnex greatly guarantees the security and comfort of each of its users. So every user who wants to register to join the Bcnex Platform is required to first pass and complete the KYC process. Without you completing the KYC process first, you will automatically not be able to get deeper access to this project. This KYC process includes the identity of a user, date of birth, originating from which country and so on … then after that users are required to download Authenticator 2FA which functions to detect from each user. Because through Authenticator 2FA you will get a special code issued. Where is this code to detect from each user in order to avoid the existence of fraud from other users.

~The Goal
And Bcnex is aims to provide access and freedom to its users in conducting trade transactions on this Platform. Using the Blockhain technology system, Bcnex will build this Platform more than just a usual Platform. Bcnex is a staring platform for new project projects and plans to help projects that have new innovations by providing fundraising. So that in this case Bcnex will have a big role in project developing to be more advanced in a future with Bcnex finally..

~Mission of Bcnex
The Bcnex platform always gives a positive impression for communities and peoples who are members in the platform. And Bcnex has contributed a large contribution to the economic community in Vietnam about the existence of this Platform. And all of this evidence has been demonstrated by the hard work that has been done by the team and management of the Bcnex Platform. All this was done so that Bcnex itself would get recognition and support from the government and the people of Vietnam in general.

~Solution of Bcnex
By using the standard ERC233 tokens, and the release on the Ethereum Blochain and trading platform, Bcnex comes by providing a new concept in meeting the needs of community regarding is existence of a platform that has quality and international standards. Because by having a Bcnex Token, you will get a lot of profits. And besides that you also have a Bcnex Token, so you will be free to transact according to your needs. Is it a tool for trading transactions or as a tool to buy other tokens. And all that depends on a willingness and wishes of the users. Get a BCNEX Token to fulfill all your transaction needs, and get this Bcnex token immediately on the official Bcnex site, by participating in a current Presale or PublicSale event is on going.

~Benefits for token holders :
[ User ]
By using Multi language services, it is expected that every user can understand in detail about this Patform Bcnex, without any doubts. Because the security and convenience of the users is the main factor that became the goal of Bcnex. Therefore, to avoid the existence of deficiencies, Bcnex uses a high-tech wallet security system. Besides that, Bcnex is a platform that has a very large user, and covers various countries in the world. But users don’t need to worry. Why is that ?? because the Multi Language service is expected to provide a good understanding to every user.

[ Investor ]
With the low costs offered when transacting, it is clear that this will greatly benefit investors. But regulations remain the same and apply to all users and investors. Is that ?? namely the KYC process. This also applies to investors and users in general. Investors will be able to invest and get all the extraordinary facilities and access offered by Bcnex, after going through this process. Therefore, with an International Platform based, Investors will not hesitate to participate in Presale or to invest in this future Platform.

[Government ]
with many investors coming from various countries, is clear, that will provide benefits to the government. especially tax revenues about different exchange rates. this will help and improve the people’s economy. in addition, with the many investors investing in this platform, they will also be subject to investment tax for the government. and surely this will greatly benefit the government in terms of the economy to improve the lives of the better people.

~Feature Of Bcnex
Bcnex is a form that is built using the microser service architecture, which prioritizes security for its users when conducting trade transactions. using the Google Authentication / SMS-2FA system and this KYC [Know Your Customer] process aims to data protect and security from its users. and the rules apply to all users of the Bcnex Platform, both for Investors and users. Therefore to get the best service from Bcnex, then follow all applicable procedures for the purpose of security and convenience when you make trade transactions or other transactions. assisted by high technology, BCNEX will provide the best service for customers…

[Customer Oriented]
immediately register yourself on this platform, with high confidence. because every trade transaction takes place, each user is required to go through the process of protecting the user first, that is bypassing a Google Authenticator process first. because through a special code issued by Google Authenticator, it aims to find out and detect from genuine users. whether this account belongs to you or not. and of course everything to protect from user forgery.

[Institutional-Engine Grade Trading]
With by using high technology, Bcnex is very fast working. How come ? because with by use this technology, Bcnex is able to take orders and serve 2,000,000 requests. this is an extremely fast service. And do you all know this for what ?? All of these services aim to provide the best service for all incorporated in the Bcnex Platform communities.

[High liquidity]
Bcnex is a platform that works without intermediaries. everything is to give satisfaction to its users. because without the intermediaries participating, this will give maximum results from trading transactions carried out by the users. in addition, also, in a absence of an intermediary, it will reduce a large costs to be incurred when making transactions trade of course.

[Different markets]
Bcnex is a trading platform. and for users who wish to conduct trade transactions must registered themselves on the Platform first. Why is that ? because every trade transaction occurs, this will occur within the Platform and the results of the transaction will be paid through the Platform. because the Bcnex Token is ERC223 and is very easy to use, and already has a high selling value at this time. besides that, Bcnex will help its users to provide a price list of Tokens that have a sale value, so that users can easily buy these tokens, and of course to get a big profit when sold later.

~Token Details
• Token Name : BCNX
• Token Type : ERC223
• Token Price : $0.15-$0.45
• Total Supply : 200,000,000
• Soft Cap : $2,000,000
• Hard Cap : $15,000,000
• Minimum Investment : $100
• Minimum Investmant (Angel Investors) : $5000
• Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT.
And Unsold Token Will be burning.

~Token Distribution


~ Bcnex RoadMap


~Team Of Bcnex


~Bcnex Advisors


~Partners Of Bcnex


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