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Bcnex is a Vietnam exchange platform which is planned to be launched in Q2/Q3 this year. The birth of Bcnex was encouraged at the insistence of consumer needs in trading digital assets. Today, consumers are overshadowed by fear of the risks that can occur in investing or trading digital assets. The risk of losing funds due to hacking in exchange, for example, as happened to Binance. In general, these risks occur due to errors in the technical architecture and exchange security.

To face this challenge, Bcnex is built on a microservice architecture to ensure scalability and deploy the Bcnex Order Matching System (BCOMS) to handle up to 2M orders per second. In terms of security, Bcnex will combine a hot wallet, cold wallet, and secure hardware. 98% of Bcnex’s assets are stored in cold wallets. In addition to architecture and security, Bcnex will also resolve liquidity and customer service issues on many exchanges. Bcnex collaborates with several trading platforms for business partners around the world and has gathered a large network of partners in this industry. Bcnex will also prioritize user experience on the platform. User complaints will be responded quickly in many languages, such as English and Vietnamese with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other languages ​​gradually added.

Bcnex will be accessible on web platforms, mobile applications (Android and iOS), HTML5, and REST API interfaces. At the beginning of its launch, Bcnex will support trading spot transactions, followed by margin trading, future contracts, anonymous automatic order matching, and much more thereafter. Pair transactions will be available with the main coins BTC, ETH, USDT, BCNX (Bcnex tokens), and fiat currencies such as USD, CHF, RMB, JPY, KRW, and VND which will be added in the future.

Bcnex will launch its own token, BCNX, which has many uses in the Bcnex exchange ecosystem. Users can purchase BCNX from the sale of tokens at the ICO or after BCNX is available at the exchange. Here are all the things you need to know about BCNX and the use of funds that will be collected from ICO:

BCNX Token

Symbol: BCNX

Type: ERC223

Total Supply: 200M

Token price: 0.15 – 0.45 USD

Soft Cap: 2M USD

HardCap: 30M USD

BCNX token will be used to pay any fees on Bcnex platform, including:

  • Transaction fees: discount transaction fees from 75% in the first year to 6.75% in the fifth year.
  • Withdrawal Fees
  • Listing Fee
  • Token burn: 20% of Bcnex’s profit is allocated to buy and burn BCNX quarterly until there are only 100,000,000 BCNX on the market.

Token Allocation

50% – 100,000,000: public sales

38% – 76,000,000: team and advisors (token vested for 4 years, 25% per year)

5% – 10,000,000: angel investors

2% – 4,000,000: bounty programs and incentives

5% – 10,000,000: reserve

Use of Fund

40%: to improve the system including recruiting talent, training staff, operational budget, and development.

40%: for branding and marketing for Bcnex.

10%: for legal, confidential and audit purposes.

10%: for reserve funds in an emergency or unexpected situations.

Bcnex Team

Bcnex Partner

Bcnex Roadmap

Currently, you can buy BCNX tokens with USDT and BTC. ICO ends in 16 days, 39.07% hardcap reached. For more information:





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