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The impact of crypto-currency and the latest blockchain technology has been felt in almost all the sectors and it didn’t take too long to convince the doubters of this great technology about its importance in human life. The whole world has never dreamt of having this great technology around them and that was why it was a great surprise to the world when this technology was introduced some years. Ever since its introduction, there has been some improvement in our daily life to the extent that some people believed this technology cannot be eradicated simply because it has become part of human life.


Application of this great technology in financial sector has been one of the best things to have ever happened to human. I could remember vividly how I usually transact and depends on third-party some years back. Before the introduction of blockchain technology, financial transactions were been done manually in which the processes involved is tedious and cumbersome for people. With the traditional banking system, there has been some issue such as SECURITY, LACK OF TRUST and TRANSPARENCY, SLOW DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL, LACK OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT and so many more. These traditional banking issues needs to be rectified and in order to do that there is need for development of crypto-currency exchange which is free of security glitches and likewise designed with quick deposit and withdrawal.

Over the years we have seen huge growth in the development of crypto-currency exchange platform but unfortunately only few of these exchanges have really solved the existing problem in the financial industries.

Existing crypto-currency exchange platform have been trying to solve the issues of crypto-currency exchange but hasn’t been successful in their quest simply because there is lack of real technicality behind the success exchange platform.


The issue of technicality arises from the developers and programmers that are just ready to make quick money from the launch of a crypto-currency exchange. Development of crypto-currency exchange is not just something you wake in a day and completed it with an hour or two. Crypto-currency exchange platform needs lots of planning before it can be developed and there is need for good programmer that understand the concept of crypto-currency exchange and not just someone that want to make quick money within hours. As a result of this technicality, lots of crypto-currency exchange platform has been closed down as a result of bugs and glitches which has posed a security threats in the platform. Today I’m glad to introduce to you the best crypto-currency exchange platform known as “BCNEX”

BCNEX exchange platform will be the best among all other crypto-currency exchange platform because of the features it comprises of which includes GOOD SECURITY SYSTEM GOOD TECHNICAL SYSTEM, HIGH MARKET LIQUIDITY, GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Good security system has been the priority of BCNEX because BCNEX teams have already seen what traders and users experienced at the hands of in-secured crypto-currency platform. BCNEX is designed with advanced security tools which will help booster the security of the platform. The use of blockchain technology will as well help in the security of the platform because there will be full automation of the platform which means third-party services will be eradicated.


BCNEX crypto-currency exchange platform will ensure there is provision of 24/7 customer support because traders and users have really suffered a lot at the hands of other crypto-currency exchange platform. Some traders received response to their enquiries and issues almost 3-4 at times as a result of lack of customer support. This is why BCNEX have made provision for support system which will be available 24/7 to solve users problem
Good User Interface is another feature of BCNEX crypto-currency exchange platform. Bad interface has been the reason why traders and users quit trading. With BCNEX I believed no users would have any reasons to quit the trading platform simply because the system is designed to suit both new and existing traders.
In order for traders to enjoy BCNEX trading platform, the platform has designed WEB, ANDROID and IOS APP to make the trading more easy and accessible to users anywhere and anytime of the day.

BCNEX is also designed with multi-language features which will help traders all over the world to access the platform irrespective of the languages.


Low transaction will be another priority of BCNEX exchange platform. The other crypto-currency exchange platform out there always charge high trading fees from the traders which has almost sum up to the amount of profits generated by the trader in those exchange platform.

BCNEX has also developed its own native token to be used as payment method in the platform. It’s an ERC223 token type with a limited supply of 200,000,000 token.


Token Name => BCNX Token
Token Symbol => BCNX
Token Type => ERC223
Total Supply => 200,000,000 BCNX
Token Sale => 100,000,000 BCNX
Token Price => $0.15 – $0.45


50% Allocated for Token Sale
38% Allocated to Team Member and Advisors
5% Allocated to Angel Investors
5% Allocated to Reserve
2% Allocated to Bounty Program

40% Allocated for Platform Development
40% Allocated for Branding and Marketing
10% Allocated to Legal and Auditing
10% Allocated to Reserve fund




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