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See again with me and my recent article ,like the same as one weeks ago that discuss this time about Bcnex Project, Now I will also continue my discussion about this project. Will Begins with a brief discussion about Bcnex project which is a Trading Platform that give a sense of security,the low costs incurred and the earned we profits , on the time invest in Bcnex Platform.

On the pereod more advanced technology like its now and also follow up too by the people needs of understand about the needs to investation .so this project come to be your choice for investation or doing the process of sell and buy , with to many excellence and excess I hope you can participated too later..
let’s find know together about this project more !!!!.

Bcnex is a trading Platform that has a high standard security. With the use of high technology systems, Bcnex aims to protection provide and a sense of security to each user. By the Based and built 2006 in vietnam, Bcnex’ve been able to give a great contribution through various kinds of research,in the year of 2009 Bcnex able to make the application of real-time data system to the penny auction, because it is supported by technology advanced and its professional team then has evolved into an International Platform with based around the world.

Bcnex is the standard ERC223 Token which was released on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as a trading Platform, Bcnex Tokens can also be used being a means of payment to buy other Tokens. So it will be easier for the owners of the Bcnex Token to be able to transact in accordance with what they want. Whether it’s as a means to payment tool or the utilize Platform Bcnex available services.
So get your Bcnex Token before to late.

There is will be a business philosophy which is the basic principle of Bcnex project is Professionally working and services providing as well to give best experience for each users. So, join please and become a part of the Bcnex Platform in the interests of your trading and be the first person who can feel the comfortable,a sense of security and satisfaction when you perform trading transactions.

Bcnex is a trading platform that uses technology systems with a professional architectural team. For the sake of maintaining the security of its users, Bcnex requires that each user have to go through the process of Geogle/SMS-2FA Authentication and KYC (Know Your Customer) first. This is all done to avoid from each participant cheating. And the built of Bcnex platform with the use of microservices architecture, so it will very keep the needs of each user that will join later. So ,without complete the process of KYC first then any user be it to Investors or participants in the campaign will not have access to can enter into the Bcnex Platform. What do you think about the process of Bcnex security ???. Of this All is required in order to give a sense of safety and security absolutely.

With By using the app as you can download,it’s will give you ease and provide a great experience when you make a activity trade . Because transactions can use the desktop and mobile App,so it will be easier for its users at the time of the trade from a variety of places without any time and any place.
Do you like Bcnex ‘s Mobile App Interface design?

With the use high of technology, Bcnex able to operate quickly. That’s You can imagine if Bcnex able to operate and perform the command 2,000,000 orders per second. this is a working way that’s fast,accurate and low latency. With this speed Bcnex is able to meet the needs as well as provide satisfaction to its users. And indeed this is the purpose of Bcnex own.

Bcnex faster work without delay and some of intermediaries other. Due to abundance of liquidity there, Bcnex put standard tokens needed by the user, and all this is aimed at for the sake of progress for Bcnex own too in the future. Therefore Bcnex is a great choice Platform right in your trading at this moment.

Bcnex is a Platform that always deliver innovation to its users. That’s all there is regardless of how Bcnex alone in the selecting the Token where the quality Token,so it will be able to have a high selling power with how to support a variety of mainstream cryptocurrencies. Because Bcnex is a standard token ERC223 released on the Ethereum blockchain. So it will be very easy to use this Token in all your trading activities.

With based language Vietname as well as supported also by MultiLanguage, Bcnex aims to be able to serve the needs of, well for information or in the trade. Bcnex is 100 % of the product vietnam product who use the system wallet cryptocurrency technology high class system and also supported by a team of professional experts, Bcnex aims to provide a safe feel, the process of quickly in transaction and satisfaction to every users.

With a very easily of the requirement to be able to enter and able to join in ICO, Bcnex aims to make it easy to the investors to be able to provide major contribution to join in ICO. Just to complete the of KYC process beforehand the investors have could follow all the courses organized of courses, both in PreSale or in PublicSale. Because with low of cost issued is expected to all investors to be more dared to invest without a doubt on this Platform . Why so?? Because Bcnex is Platform International Platform already in regisrated in Singapore.

Bcnex is a Trading Platform based international, so the users using a variety value of money, so that it would be very benefits for the government. Due to the value exchange of money, the government will get taxes. In addition to the same with the investor has invested in Platform this will be investment taxed, so it will add income and to support the economy of the community.


•Token Name : BCNX

•Token Type : ERC223

•Token Price : $0.15-$0.45

•Total Supply : 200,000,000

•Soft Cap : $2,000,000

•Hard Cap : $15,000,000

•Minimum Investment : $100

•Minimum Investmant (Angel Investors) : $5000

•Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT.
And Unsold Token Will be burning.


•Q1 2017
-Market research
-Blockchain trading platform conceptualization

•Q2 2017
-Talent and key personnel recruitment

•Q3 – Q4 2017
-Design system architecture, finalize basic functions of the platform

•Q1 – Q2 2018
-Continue to upgrade the system, develop the Bcnex trading engine

•Q3 2018
-Conduct legal formalities and finalize whitepaper

•Q4 2018
-Angel Funding Round

•Q1 2019
-Legal and marketing plan for Bcnex token sale event

•Q2 – Q3 2019
-Token sale event launch.
-Bcnex trading platform officially goes live

•Q4 2019
-Develop the initial idea of Bcnex startup ecosystem

•Q1 2020
-Experiment and proceed to introduce margin trading

•Q2 2020
-To be announced

•Q3 – Q4 2020
-To be announced


•Ngo Huang Quyen,CO-Founder CEO
•Vo Tuann Anh,CO-Founder CFO
•Pham Van Phuong,CO-Founder&CTO
•Nguyen Hoang Lien Son,Product Desaigner
•Nguyen Dhinh Huan,Product Desaigner
•Nguyen Quang thrung,Front-end lead
•Nguyen Minh Huang,Back end lead
•Ho Van Hien,Senior Developer


•TRAN QUANG XUYEN,Angel Investor

•NGUYEN ANH DUNG,Angel Investor

•HA QUOC CUONG,Angel Investor

All right… up here for an explanation about this project from me…And I hope you like it to reading..thank’s

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