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~~Welcome To The Readers

Dear, reader ,Before I tell more details about this project, let me to tell you just little about journey of bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency. That we know if bitcoin come and to be created by satoshi Nakamoto and until now more effloresce. That all is the existence inseparable from an knowledge public increase about a cryptocurrency is importance in our daily lives. and the community has understood about of investing is very importance for their future.

bitcoin will to innovate continue and along develop with a many born of new projects in the field of cryptocurrency engaged. and the kinds even that are carried by this project include various fields, including; environment of field, education, food and agriculture and many more. But on this time the project that will I introduced you is a project that is a Hollywood film industry engaged. what do you think? Are you interested to read my article continue? Right,and the name of this project is Bcnex Trading Platform.


Bcnex is an exchange platform as formed by the based on a community request for a platform that has more than quality just a regular platform. Indeed, where this is the formation of  Bcnex began. With by the based of high Blockhain technology Bcnex aims to protection provide  to every user. Established in 2006, in Vietnam precisely , Bcnex has made a major contribution to the economy of the Vietnamese people. After three years of standing precisely in 2009, BCNEX has succeeded in creating a real-time data application for penny auctions. Until finally Bcnex was able and large to become an International-based exchange platform. And this is a achievement remarkable is achieved by Bcnex platform in particular. How come ?? because Bcnex itself is supported by high technology and a very experienced team in the field of blockhain and cryptocurrency.

In order to security protect for the user and slippage prevent #Bcnex #exchange, continue to the solve a volatiliy high problem , because the low of liquidity!

~~How Its Platform Work

Bcnex is a platform that uses high security standards, so if you want to join the community, you must the complete of Kyc process first. The Kyc process is very necessary in anticipating and avoiding all forms of fraud that will occur. A user will not be able to make transactions on the platform without them completing this process. With the Google Authenticator 2FA Equipped, this function is to identity detect for all user. So, if you have got this application, your identity will be known that you are the account owner. Then for the next stage you will be free to make  transactions trade  according to what you want. Do you want to buy or want to sell.

~~The Goal

Bcnex is a trading platform that uses high blockhain systems. However, due to the high motivation of all the teams, Bcnex strives to build this community to become bigger and more complete and aims to become a blockhain technology platform for developing project projects with the help of high technology and creative ideas from Bcnex. This is the main objective of Bexnex itself, but aside from that, Bcnex plans to help the new project to be more developed by means of fundraising activities and help capital provide for that innovation project  to become a unity within Bcnex.

~Mission of Bcnex

Giving trust and positive values ​​to the community about more and to provide more knowledge to the community about how many  important this Bcnex Platform is for the economy of community, especially for Vietnam of people. And evidence provide to the public and the government for the official team from Bcnex hard work, that the company aims to improve of the nation’s level and economy country’s.

~Solution of Bcnex

Because of the need increasing of community for a platform that has high innovation, so Bcnex comes to solutions providing and solutions about what is the community needs. With the ERC233 standard Token, Bcnex was released on Ethereum Blockhain and the trading platform. Apart from the function for trading on one platform, Bcnex can also be used as a payment instrument and as a transaction tool to buy other tokens. This is the advantage of the Bcnex Token, and of course it all depends on the user of the Bcnex token, whether as an exchange on the Bcnex Platform alone or as a tool for outside trading transactions . If you are interested for to having Bcnex tokens, please get on the official site and participate in PreSale that is currently taking place.

~~Benefits for token holders :

[ User ]

Bcnex is an original company from Vietnam, is the uses a cryptocurrency wallet technology security system and highly prioritizes the security of its users. Bcnex is with multi language equipped , which aims to provide easy access for other users not from Vietnam. Because Bcnex is a trading platform that has very fast develops, so users surely from Bcnex themselves will come from all many countries in the world. So that it will be easy to understand about Bcnex through this multi-lingual assistance to all Bcnex communities in general.

[ Investor ]

Only pass through the Kyc process, users and investors can to trading transactions process as they wish. Because with the offered low cost, of course it would be very brave to invest a large amount in this project. But for investors who want to invest their capital in this project, they must immediately participate in PreSale or PublicSale which is currently  Is still on going . Bcnex is a the future platform and has been registered in Singapore. Are you hesitant to invest in this Platform ?? Dispose of your doubts, and fast register yourself investors rubber  to join in this Bcnex community.

[Government ]

With by the based of high-tech,Bcnex has been able to become an international platform, and its users have included between countries in the world. Because of the community of Bcnex is size, various types of exchange rates will come. And this will be very beneficial for the government. Why is that?? Because of the various types of exchange values ​​that exist then it will taxes generate for the government. Also from the many investors who invest, they will also be subject to investment tax on all of them. So that the community’s economy will increase, because of  increase in revenue government from tax is are received.

~~Feature Of Bcnex :


By using the technology system and support of the professional team architecture, Bcnex uses the Geogle Authentication system / SMS-2FA and the KYC [Know Your Customer] process first, it aims to provide security for user assets so that other users don’t easily hack them. The Bcnex platform is built using the microser service architecture, it aims to safeguard the user’s security when certainly trading transactions. Therefore, it must go through the KYC process first, the user or Investor can make the next trade transaction. So if you want to trade the Bcnex Platform, finish this KYC process first for safety and comfort when you trade.

[Customer Oriented]

Get the Geography Authenticator application, which you can download for the purpose of providing comfort and safety when you transact. You can use this application via desktop or cellular, to provide a new experience when you trade without any sense of doubt in you.

[Institutional-Engine Grade Trading]

With 2,000,000 second service, Bcnex is able to operate quickly. This is a fast, accurate, and low latency way of working. Because Bcnex is a trading platform with extraordinarily sophisticated technology, Bcnex aims to provide the best service for its users in the community.

[High liquidity]

Bcnex worker  and serves user requests quickly, and Bcnex provides options for its users to be able to choose which tokens you will buy / capital for your investment. And Bcnex is also a trading platform that works without intermediaries. It aims to avoid the costs that will be incurred by the user. Because all of this was created to provide comfort to its users.

[Different markets]

Bcnex is a standard ERC223 token, which is very easy to use. Payments will be made on the [redeem] platform and Bcnex will know and can choose a good token for its users. Because the purpose of choosing this token is to provide a high sale value when sold later. And Bcnex does this by following the current cryptocurrency prices.

~~Token Details

• Token Name : BCNX

• Token Type : ERC223

• Token Price : $0.15-$0.45

• Total Supply : 200,000,000

• Soft Cap : $2,000,000

• Hard Cap : $15,000,000

• Minimum Investment : $100

• Minimum Investmant (Angel Investors) : $5000

• Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT.

And Unsold Token Will be burning.

~~Token Distribution

~~ Bcnex RoadMap

~~Team Of Bcnex

~~Partners Of Bcnex

Thanks for attention and hope you like to reading my article

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