BEACHHEAD – The Most Addictive PC And Arcade Game

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the BeachHead project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here’s the review:
About BeachHead
“BeachHead 2000 is one of the most addictive PC and arcade game titles, giving birth to several sequels, many imitators, and millions of loyal fans around the world.”
“The ability to draw what is in my head and show it to others to see it, has become the most powerful tool I have in my career”
So basically BeachHead 2000 will change the paradigm of PC games by introducing arcade-style games that are fast adrenaline-driven, addictive and easy to play. and at that time, large and complex role-playing (RPG) games ruled supreme and games such as arcades that needed less than 10MB of memory (and no user guidance) were considered sin in the already established game world. The real urgent question is …
“Where is the PLAY button?”
Despite all the opponents in the PC press, BeachHead 2000 spread like wildfire and became an overnight success. BeachHead 2000 continues to set new records and start new trends in various places and platforms, exceeding all expectations throughout the world. Arcade games are no longer a sin, the “play” button is the norm, and everyone can enjoy the game.
VORTEK Hood arcade version BeachHead is the first VR game in the world and over the next fifteen years.
Watch a video demo
Original Entertainment From All Over The World
Like New York’s famous Madison Square Garden, the BH Coliseum will feature shows from all over the globe for all ages and desires. Unrestrained from time, space or reality, you will be able to experience original entertainment like never before.
Live Virtual Reality Concerts
You’ll be able to catch theater, opera, or your favorite bands in the world in full stereoscopic 3D and from multiple points of view. Experience entertainment from within we think you’ll love it.
Upload your Content
BH2020VR is an open platform and anyone can set up for business, upload their content and start making money on their own.
“The cool thing about Virtual Reality is that it’s the closest thing to reality there is, but without the limitations of time and space” — Pepe Moreno
So, how to make money by playing Beach Head 2020?
Playing BeachHead 2020 you will earn money, protect the city. Remuneration will be paid using an external liquid cryptocurrency, funded by the game and controlling the economy. Yummy most importantly, anyone from wholesalers to individuals will be able to make a shop in BeachHead City! You can sell anything and everything! Guys, this is a new game with a bomb chance, in the history of the game industry it’s not like that!
How will BHC tokens be given?
In BeachHead 2020 VR, players can send to city walls, armored trains with towers, and that must protect the city from enemy attacks. BeachHead-besieged city, city residents work together to protect the city from cruel enemies! Therefore, players who successfully defend the city from enemies will be able to get prizes with glory and BHC tokens!
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