VibraVid is here to change the way consumers interact with digital content, while 
increase the potential income of content creators. VibraVid is an application 
Free P2P / peer-topeer  desktop and mobile streaming  that allows users to view and listen 
content created by video and audio makers. 
VibraVid is a platform for content creators to upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to 
users with the added benefit of being able to crowdfund and sell merchandise and 
Event  tickets  directly to their customers and fans. 
BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which is the exchange of values ​​on the VibraVid platform.
Together, VibraVid and BeatzCoin provide an ecosystem that enables makers and users 
exchange tools, peer-to-peer, for goods, services, through bounties, and as gifts. 
Both users and content creators are rewarded for their participation by accepting BeatzCoin, 
which they can use to buy content, fanning merchandise and event tickets, as well as for 
promote their own content. 
More than 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music are uploaded to 
the main  free streaming service  on the web every day for consumers to see and listen 1. This 
makes it very difficult for new content makers to be noticed. Make 
High quality  content  requires time and resources, as well as content marketing.
A paradoxical situation arises where the creator is forced to leave production for the sake of 
marketing and advertising. Instead of using time and talent to produce 
Creative  works  , creators become marketers, generate a large number 
low quality  content  available to users, who, in turn, lose interest. 
Even with successful teams and marketing campaigns, statistics show that the majority 
Targeted audiences do not interact with content creator ads or provide 
feedback. The VibraVid platform aims to solve the problem of discovery with 
Additional  benefits  of improved methods to increase user interaction, criticism and feedback.
Existing platforms are focused primarily on increasing advertising revenue and delivering 
Inadequate participation incentives for users and content creators alike. They offer 
marketing solutions to content makers at premium prices and do not provide incentives for users to see or listen 
new content. 
The most successful content creators get a small portion of revenue from their platform 
upload the content. VibraVid feels that this is our unfair business model and platform 
trying to change the status quo so that content creators and users are preferred by giving incentives 
to them to make and enjoy quality content. We believe that this will not only allow more 
makers to start creating new and independent content, but also will allow them to
generate fair income that is truly based on the popularity of their content.
With BeatzCoin at the center of VibraVid, we can offer users and creators 
new ways to make money to make, watch, or listen to what they like. 
Even though advertising is not something that has passed, we believe that users must be able to 
decide whether they want to see the ad, and the content creator must be able to decide whether, and how 
often, advertisements are displayed for the duration of their content.
Several ways 
VibraVid  users  will get BeatzCoin 
1. Register with the VibraVid platform 
2. Lock their tokens 
3. Participate in prizes 
4. Choose to watch paid ads to view (PTV) 
5. Compete in daily and weekly challenges 
Some of the ways the creators on the TibraVid platform will 
get BeatzCoin is: 
1. Have their content watched or listened to 
2. Have the most views in the selected period 
3. Allow paid advertisements to view (PTV) on their content 
4. Receive tips from viewers 
5 Crowdfunding on our platform
Joining VibraVid will be a simple process. Anyone who wants to participate will 
register the address of Tron’s wallet.
Users will be able to decide whether they want to see ads on the platform, which is 
will give them BeatzCoin, or they can choose to turn it off. The selection will not be corrected and 
can be changed by the user at any time. 
They will be able to bet their tokens and get interest using Proof of Locked Stake 
(POLS). The token will be locked for a predetermined period which will decrease 
circulating  supplies  
Users can choose to enter various gifts on the platform to get 
additional BeatzCoin. There will be two types of platform-based gifts; free and 
paid. Paid prizes will require all participants to collect a small number of BeatzCoin in sequence
to have the chance to win a large number of tokens. 
This platform will also offer daily and weekly challenges where users can participate 
to win tokens. 
Users will be able to search for content based on audio or video and play it on 
their cellphone or desktop. Some content will have costs allocated by the manufacturer, and 
some content will be free or paid to users to play or download.


Beatzcoin tokens will be released based on the Tron network. Tron’s transaction speed, costs and efficiency, combined with its compatibility with third-party services, wallets and exchanges, create the perfect environment for our tokens (BeatzCoin), and our platform (VibraVid).
1 Nov 2018 (09.00 EST)
Number of tokens sold
400,000,000 BTZC (40%)
February 1, 2019 (11:00 AM EST)
Token Exchange Rate
ROUND 1: 1 TRX = 3 BTZC 
ROUND 2: 1 TRX = 2 BTZC 
Received for Trade
Our official TRON Wallet address

Token distribution


Use of results

January 2018
Starting from the Development of the Beatzcoin Platform
March 2018
Development of Smart Contracts
August 2018
Bounty Campaign & Initial Trading Token Events
November 2018
Trading Stage 3 Token Stage
April 2019
Development of Beatzcoin Wallet
May 2019
Radio and TV VibraVid Development
September 2019
POLS Wallet System Integration
October 2019
Development of Mandiri Sustainable AI Platform
January 2020
Unlocked Supply Token
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