Let me introduce Beaxy project, Beaxy will be a one-stop shop for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs. Our intuitive user interface will allow for trading in both crypto and fiat currencies. As Beaxy’s transparent rocket logo suggests, our UI will be a sleek and elegant experience for the user but it will contain many complex mechanisms on the inside. Simple, yet powerful. beaxy was initially created in mid 2017 when the co-founders were discussing the challenges surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges. They noticed that there were many barriers to entry and navigating the exchanges was a challenge – even for experienced investors – so they planned to create an all-in-one exchange that would accommodate everyone from beginner to professional.

The Beaxy project’s ambition is pretty simple; it intends to build a new better cryptocurrency exchange, keeping in mind all the problems and flaws of the existing exchanges and improving upon them. Those problems high transaction fees, performance issues, such as transaction delays and long periods of downtime, poor security, lack of customer support, and steep learning curve newbie users face, starting with cryptocurrency trade.

Thus, Beaxy promises to create a platform where all the aforementioned problems are going to be effectively solved. The list of advantages this new crypto-exchange is planning to have includes the next major improvements:

Beaxy will allow to quickly exchange and deposit fiat currencies. Currently, it’s a cumbersome and inconvenient process on most exchanges.
The Beaxy platform will have a high-level performance with low latency, non-existent transaction delays, without downtimes, blackouts and other similar performance issues, currently plaguing crypto-exchanges
Beaxy will have low transaction fees.
The platform will facilitate the trade of all the major cryptocurrencies, plus multiple others less wide-spread altcoins.
Also, the project addresses the problem of technical difficulties traders face, trying to manage complex portfolios, consisting of multiple cryptocurrencies. Beaxy promises to introduce features and mechanisms, allowing to make this process more simple and convenient.

Additionally, Beaxy intends to bring its exchange up to the standards of electronic stock exchanges, offering advanced financial and price monitoring tools. The platform user interface is supposed to include graphs, charts, and diagrams, indicating price and volume dynamics.

The platform is planning to have an outstanding security. Noting that the security is presently a major issue for crypto-traders Beaxy aims to make its platform invulnerable to hacker attacks. The project claims that it possesses some unique proprietary technologies, allowing to achieve that.

The platform promises to provide 24/7 customer support and an advanced help system, including learning materials, tutorials, articles, forums, etc. Also, it’s going to heavily rely on user feedback, polling users on what new features, coins, and general improvements the Beaxy project can introduce.

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