Beaxy creating a secure “all-in-one” platform that helps facilitate the world

What is  Beaxy?

Beaxy will be a department store for all your needs in the field of crypto currency trading. Our intuitive user interface will allow you to trade in both cryptographic currency and in other currencies. As a transparent Beka rocket logo, our user interface will be elegant and elegant to the user, but will contain many intricate mechanisms inside. Simple but powerful
  • Our history
Beaxy was originally created in mid-2017, when its founders discussed issues related to resource exchange of crypreources. They understand that there are many obstacles to entering and navigating the exchange, this is a challenge even for experienced investors, so they plan on creating a universal exchange that will cover everyone from beginners to professionals.
  • Our vision
Our vision is to create a secure and secure “all-in-one” platform that helps facilitate a world where crypto currency is accessible as a currency currency. Beaxy hopes to play an important role in this expedition, laying the groundwork for an all-in-one exchange.
  • Our mission
Our mission is to provide many tools, news articles, training tools and financial services to help all users from beginners to experienced traders make the right decisions in this rapidly changing environment.

Beaxy Feature 

√ Loyalty Program
-Gold BXY on our platform will reward users with 20% trading fee.
Program rewards never diminish or expire
√ Insert a coin
-Get a trading fee discount by placing your BXY token.
Multilevel systems are becoming more and more discounted
√ Commission discounts for transactions
– Users will receive 50% discount for trading fees using BXY tokens
. Features will work with used coins.
√ Support 24/7
– 24 hour or less response time –
Live Chat
– Global coverage with multilingual support
√ Referral program
– Earn 10% commission for the transaction for the entire validity of the account in question.
Commissioners may receive a 2 month platinum membership (20% of the fee)
√ Fiat storage
– Supported account transfers and ACH –
Instant deposit is available for approved accounts
√ Security
– IP whitelist –
will comply with PCI-DSS and ENISA security standards.
Confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information are our main concerns
√ Performance
High performance and low performance database delays. Ability to
process hundreds of thousands of tx / s with delay less than 1 ms
Exchange Architecture
-Designed for long-term scaling.
Isolated service to reduce spike in demand.
Automatic scaling and resource balancing.
√ Mobile Applications
-iOS and Android –
Integrated pricing and order notifications
√ OTC trading
– Available to institutional investors
– Minimum order quantity 1 million. United States of America
√ ICO launch platform
-Project checked by Beaxy -Select
Cost and Loss KYC for  Token Token  ICO-
Tok at Beaxy

Loyalty program

We value our customers and want to appreciate our property. Thanks to the award program for Beaxy’s service it is possible. Holding your BXY on the stock exchange, you get 20% of all commissions for trading! The best part, no limit how many bXY counters you can hold. The more BXY you hold, the higher your reward. Just sit and hold the mark.

Internship program

Although our exchange has the opportunity to get a 50% discount on trading fees using Beaxy tokens, there is also a second way to make trade discounts. Maybe you do not want to spend your Beaxy token. Now with our betting program, you can block your BXY tokens to get rebates on trades. Here’s how it works: You determine how many BXY tokens you want to block, you specify how much time you want to block (at least one month) and you’ll get a trade discount until they’re unlocked. The best part is you still get the coins that are created in our loyalty program when blocked.
Reduce costs
Trade costs can be challenges to overcome. We know how expensive deals can be obtained (especially for big traders), and we want to get a function that makes downloading easier. If you use BXY for exchange on our exchange, you can trade at a 50% discount. The best part, this function combined with our combat program. You can save 50% of what you reduce using these two functions together! (Note: 50% off will adjust from your new payment schedule after you lock your token).

Referral program

Registered users of Beaxy will be able to use our referral program. If you refer to a friend, you will receive a 10% commission for the transaction at your own expense. Those who join the referral code will receive a platinum account (20% off for trading fee) for a limited period of time (60 days). If you help us grow, everyone will win. All referrals confirmed during the demonstration will also be applied to your account when the live platform is launched first, so you can benefit from contacting new users without waiting for the final product launch.


Sales Alerts

BXY marker start sales start on June 1 with a 20% bonus. The public ICO began on 15 June. ET: BXY will be determined at a point close to the Presale date.

Budget allocation

Our ICO will help fund the development of our sustainable platforms in the areas of security, performance and functionality.
We want, that on the first day we are assisted by customer support employees. There is no collective experience of our team regarding customer support standards in the crypto space. We want to change it and are ready to invest the most important funds to be the best on the first day.
All legal goods are expensive and important. We want to be 100% obeying the law, wherever we work. We also want our US processing money licenses processed and approved as soon as possible.

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