Beaxy review.

I think most of you have ever faced with the purchase or sale of crypto-currency on crypto-exchanges. Now the stock exchanges are becoming more and more and most of them are made as a copy and do not offer anything interesting for traders, therefore they remain unpopular and can not gain decent volumes of trades. The developers of Beaxy are going to bring something new to the market. Let’s look at the project in more detail.

Beaxy is a crypto-exchange with an intuitive interface from the outside and at the same time with a powerful function. Developers have long observed the crypto-exchange exchanges and decided to create something more simple than modern exchanges. On the exchange it will be possible to trade various crypto-currencies and there will also be currency pairs, just what traders need. Also, it’s worth noting that the team paid a lot of attention to the security of the platform, which will protect the funds of traders and avoid hacking, which began to happen more often in the cryptomir (the recent example of Coincheck, where about 500 million dollars were stolen)

The advantages of Beaxy.

  • Excellent referral program 10% of the commission of the exchange and unlike other exchanges, it will operate indefinitely and will never be reduced.
  • If you use a Beaxy token, then the commission for transactions is reduced by half + you can still get a discount for trading volumes.


  • 24/7 Support. This is probably one of the problems of all major exchanges that traders face. Beaxy promises to resolve all issues quickly and expand its staff in a timely manner
  • If you store the tokens BXY – will receive a reward
  • Possibility of replenishment with fiat money for verified users
  • Excellent security, which is probably one of the core for good exchanges
  • High performance platform. The exchange promises to be very fast and withstand a high load with ease
  • Easy scaling.
  • The application for iOS and Android. In my opinion, there must be an application from a good stock exchange, which actually has a Beaxy.
  • For large financial institutions, over-the-counter transactions will be available
  • Platform for ICO. Beaxy’s reputation will be responsible for some ICO, interested investors and guarantee developers listing on its stock exchange
All these advantages, I’m sure, will make Beaxy, one of the most popular exchanges in the near future. Also, please note that the team conducted a tour in which 10,000 users participated.
The project team:
The project team is very large and lives in different parts of the world. However, all participants have experience in developing and promoting crypto projects, which I hope will lead the exchange to success. The staff of the staff expands as the project develops, which will allow the product to be sold on schedule. A full list of team members can be found at
ICO conditions:
Before ICO is still a lot of time. However, I think the seats on the presale will be snapped up very quickly and therefore it is better to subscribe to the news on the site, so as not to miss the moment.
Let’s look at the terms of sales.
  • Presley: June 1
  • Primary sale: June 15
  • Name of the token: BXY
  • Block: Ethereum
  • Contract type: ERC20
  • Totally released tokens: 100,000,000
  • Tokens for sale: 60 000
  • Software: 5,000,000
  • Hardcap: 30,000,000
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Bonus on a presale: 20%
Before us is a new, well-designed crypto-exchange with a good potential for leading positions in the stock market. I watch the news of the project and wait for the appearance of the white list. I hope that the developers will collect hardap and finish the project in the shortest possible time. PR company launched excellent and developers are very active communication with the community in telegram chat.
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