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Introduction of cryptocurrency exchange with fiat currencies are now increasing and grow. Now we needs a platform that provides low and safe trading costs. present a platfrom Beaxy first discovered the cryptocurrency world in early 2015. Two of our co-founders (who both have years of experience trading on the market) happened to work in the same company and began discussing cryptocurrency. As the scope of their discussions expanded across different cryptocurrency communities, a pattern of complaints surrounding exchanges started to emerge. Obstacles like smooth currency transfers, dysfunctional algorithms, and a very steep learning curve for novices became very apparent.


The idea of Beaxy was thus born as a ready-to-go, all-in-one exchange which will be:
● easy to use for all newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies
● a smart platform for professional investors, with high-end financial features
● developed with security in mind
We will invite our users to be a part of our demo during our ICO in order to further Beaxy’s mission of transparency, powerful built-in tools, and sustained performance. We will also use the demo period to take feedback from the community, and solve any problems prior to a full launch.
Beaxy is fully featured cryptocurrency exchange designed from the ground up for security, speed, reliability, and ease of use. There are so many problem in market and Beaxy will give so much solution for the market problem. Even the beaxyu are new in tranding cyptocurrency, but they can give so many benefit.
Beaxy grow and can create passive income. From all commision you can get 10% from Beaxy referral program.


he BXY token presale will begin on June 1st, 2018​. The public ICO will begin on June 15th, 2018 ​and run for one month or until sold out​. The total supply of Beaxy coins (BXY) will be 100 million, out of which 60 million will be available during the ICO. Shareholders will be entitled to a reserve of 25 million tokens. 15 million tokens will be maintained as a company reserve.
● Minimum goal of $5 million USD​. If the minimum goal is not achieved, the sums will be returned to the investors.
● Maximum goal of $30 million USD
We know that future Beaxy users are eager to learn more about our upcoming ICO, but we feel this is something that should not be rushed. The ICO space has changed considerably, and we want to evaluate all possible funding models before we make any statements publicly.
15% of Beaxy coin will be give to Beaxy company reserve, 25% for Beaxy Team, and 60% for crowdfunding participans. 35% from budged will allocate for legal, 10% for MR/Marketing, 15% for customer support, 20% for Development, 20% for operating expenses.
support of the team beaxy become a great exchange for currency tranding. Beaxy team come from different discipline and different country. They will make Beaxy more powerfull with continue develop that.
See the Roadmap
you know what you must do, take your chance JOIN THIS ICO !!!
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