Beaxy: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

Beaxy is a crypto currency exchange, the purpose of which is to create a convenient, safe “all-in-one” platform that helps to facilitate a world in which crypto-currencies are also available , like the currency fiat. Beaxy hopes to play a key role in this expedition, laying the framework for what should be in the exchange of “all-in-one.”


Beaxy was originally created in mid-2017, when its founders discussed the problems associated with the exchange of crypto-currencies. They understand that there are many obstacles to entering and navigating the bursa, this is a problem – even for experienced investors – so they plan to create a universal exchange in which everyone will participate from beginner to professional.


Our vision is to create a convenient, secure “all-in-one” platform that helps to facilitate a world in which crypto currencies can be accessed as currency currencies. Beaxy hopes to play an important role in this expedition, laying the groundwork for an all-in-one exchange.


Our mission is to provide many tools, news articles, training tools and financial services to help all users, from beginners to experienced traders, make informed decisions in this rapidly changing environment.


Beaxy provides all the needs of cryptocurrency tranding through a one-stop shop. Beaxy wants to give cryptocurrency to fiat currency access. Beaxy will be available on mobile phones both on the Android and on the iOS platform. Beaxy is fully featured cryptocurrency exchange designed from the ground up for security, speed, reliability, and ease of use. There are so many problem in market and Beaxy will give so much solution for the market problem. Even the beaxyu are new in tranding cyptocurrency, but they can give so many benefit.referal .png
From this picture you can know that, with help Beaxy more grow you can create passive income. From all commision you can get 10% from Beaxy referral program.
Beaxy rely on our customer support to provide insight into how Beaxy are doing and where Beaxy can improve the Beaxy experience.


If you to participate in the ICO, you can buy BXY tokens (which are ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens) by using ETH. The soft cap of the sale is $5,000,000 USD and the hard cap is $30,000,000. Beaxy pre-sale begin at June 1 and ICO sale at June 15. The BXY token will be priced at $0.60/BXY for the public ICO. It’s still 80 days away, but they’re growing fast. Soft cap of Beaxy are 5M and hard cap will be 30M. Beaxy want to have fiat integrations for both US and EUR at least. Beaxy will support Bitcoin, forks of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some major ERC-20 tokens at the time of launch.

Our ICO will help fund the continuing development of our platform in security, performance agility, and feature set.
We want an army of customer support personnel to help on day one. Our team’s collective experience with customer support standards across the crypto space is seriously lacking. We want to change that and are ready to invest heavily in being the absolute best on day one.
All things legal are expensive and beyond important. We want to be 100% compliant with laws wherever we operate. We also want our money handling licenses in the US to get processed and approved as fast as possible.

The Distribution

15% of Beaxy coin will be give to Beaxy company reserve, 25% for Beaxy Team, and 60% for crowdfunding participans.

Budged Allocation

35% from budged will allocate for legal, 10% for MR/Marketing, 15% for customer support, 20% for Development, 20% for operating expenses. That is allocated of the budget, you can see like the graph below

budget allocations.png

Benefits of Beaxy:

  • referral program - by inviting a friend or acquaintance, you will get 10% of commissions that he will pay for the exchange of cryptocurrency;
  • work with the fiat currency - on Beaxy you can replenish your account with fiat money and immediately get a cryptocurrency to be used for bidding;
  • low commission - 0.2% of the purchase price (if you use only cryptocurrency, the fee will decrease to 0.1%);
  • round-the-clock support - Beaxy promises that the operators of the customer service will be in constant communication in live- chat and quickly solve the problems of users;
  • Loyalty program - you can get back up to 20% of paid commissions;
  • security - Beaxy uses PCI-DSS and ENSA-encryption algorithms;
  • mobile applications - Beaxy makes trading convenient not only for computer users: applications for Android and iOS will also be launched;
  • ICO - Beaxy will provide an opportunity to conduct ICO on its platform. The projects will be thoroughly verified, guaranteeing ICO participants the security of their investments.

 How Beaxy Tokens (BXY & PLS) Work on the Beaxy Exchange

Users of the Beaxy Exchange will be able to trade simultaneously in a  wide range of crypto and fiat currencies through a straightforward,  intuitive online platform. The Company will earn a commission on each  completed transaction, with no charges or fees for deposits or  withdrawals. Trades executed on the exchange will be charged a 0.20%  fee.

The Company will issue two separate tokens for use on the platform:

  •  BXY – Beaxy Standard Token
  •  PLS – PLUS Token


Beaxy is a “compilation of the best solutions”, which will combine the advantages of all cryptocurrency exchanges. Today, the advantages that Beaxy has are already offered by various sites. But each such platform can give only a part of the advantages of Beaxy.
The trader knows that by registering with Beaxy, he gets secure storage of finance, minimum commissions, can replenish the account with the fiat money, use the loyalty program, trade through iPhones and even invest in promising and verified ICO.
Of course, these advantages are not unique. But no one wants to run from one site to another. Much more convenient and faster to do everything in one place. And Beaxy is one of the first projects that give such an opportunity.

The demo version of the product will be available before the start of the ICO,so that everyone interested had the opportunity to familiarize and test the platform.
The pre-sale begins on June 1, 2018, and the public sale will last a month and will begin on June 15, 2018.
Once again, it should be noted that the project will help solve a number of existing problems,related to trade in crypto-currencies and meet the needs of users.
High activity in social networks twitter, telegram indicates interest in the project. The Beaxy project positions itself as very promising, and a professional development team has the competence to successfully launch the platform.



For more information about Beaxy, you can visit:

Ethereum Address: 0x0bdF15D19B1c37f55E36B82590DD49958439d2F9

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