Beaxy : The Answer of Complete Trading Platform.

Come along with the hype of cryptocurrency, many innovations had been made to counterbalance the need of the crypto market. Beaxy company tried to offer the new solution of a complete platform on the gigantic community of crypto market and trading. The goal of this project is to create a complete platform that consists secure, user-friendly using, and speed to execute. Besides that, there are many advantages that can be earned if we used this platform.

Beaxy’s Background

The idea of creating a complete platform of cryptocurrency come from the two co-founders of Beaxy company that works in the same place, and that is where the journey began. They tried to combine the user-friendly platform for both traders and investors that is professional and beginner, a smart platform, and secure platform. In this part, Beaxy will also be introduced the Instant deposit of fiat currencies that enable users to instantly get the trading balance and as quick as possible to take the advantage of the transaction. Beaxy advancing the chart types, chart analysis, volume analysis, drawing tools and etc and also support the 24/7 customer service include the live chat.

The Advantages of Beaxy

Like what has been said before, there are many advantages if we used the Beaxy platform. Beaxy will give the opportunity for traders first all-in-one exchange that comes along with fiat and wide range of cryptocurrencies, will offer the 24 hours stand by customer service that will help traders and investors evertime they need, for beginner Beaxy will give helpful article, video tutorials and other kinds of information, Referral program of Beaxy will allow the Beaxy users to invite their friends, family or etc and get 10% of their transaction fee, the company also introducing the Loyalty Rewards Program where the member that use Beaxy coin (BXY) will be rewarded 20% of trading fees.

To conclude, there are so many advantages that will we earn if we use the Beaxy platform. That will make our activities in crypto market easier and faster than before.

The Beaxy Coin (BXY)

100 million of Beaxy coins (BXY) will be served, and 60 million BXY will be available during the ICO. The presale of Beaxy coins (BXY) token will be started on 1st of June 2018, and the public ICO will begin on 15th of June 2018 and will run one month or until sold out. The Beaxy company really know and understand that the users are excited about the upcoming ICO, but this is a thing that can not be rushed. The reason is, that we want to analyze and evaluating all the possible funding models before the company make any statements and publicly.

For the next few weeks, the company will focus on research a model that makes sense for all of the participants and will send the announcement via email and telegram channel.

From all the explanation of Beaxy, we can see that Beaxy is the new answer to a complete trading platform in cryptocurrency world that have the advantages, value, and secure that we need.



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