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After Bitcoin was born in 2009, cryptocurrency has dominated the financial world. this can be seen from the increasing number of altcoins that have emerged, which have become the background of various fields of economics and services. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange has also increased, almost every country has its own cryptocurrency exchange which has its own advantages.
now we will discuss one of the exchanges that will be developed in the future, namely
Becent birth background because it is based on the growing development of blockchain-based digital assets that have extraordinary potential in expanding the investment market in its growth as well as the increasing number of cryptocurrency businesses in various fields, especially the assets and exchanges. however, the more cryptocurrency, the more flaws, one of them in exchange, the problems that often arise are:
1. Security
currently, there are so many cryptocurrency exchanges must be closed because of an attack from hackers.
2. Bad Product Experience
many exchanges are less innovative, so exchanges look like old products and don’t look attractive.
3. Low-Grade Technology Architecture
exchange technology architecture is still very low, and lack of creativity to achieve future goals from the development of cryptocurrency.
4. And, The Imperfect of Audit Mechanism for New Projects
many medium and small size cryptocurrency exchanges do not have quality safety audit technology, which results in many tokens that are useless in their exchange, which makes large tokens look imperfect
Becent Born to answer the challenge is to provide a smart solution to Cryptocurrency exchanges.
Becent is a global digital asset trading platform. With technical superiority from the highest concurrency, best scalability, strongest stability, and top security, Becent aims to build a blockchain ecosystem through the Trans-Fee Mining model and Revid Dividend with innovative Revenue.
1.Stable + Very Guaranteed Trade Service
Technology Architecture – High Concurrency, High Scalability, High Stability, and Safe Oriented.
Safeguard – Skynet Defense System, a professional security protection team, skilled protection architecture, rich actual defense experience, providing multi-level protection for the platform.

2. Trans-cost mining
In the trans-cost mining zone, transaction fees will be 100% returned to users as BCT.
Every hour, transaction costs that occur in the last hour will be calculated and converted to BCT, and then 100% is returned to the user account.
This BCT section is produced through “mining prizes”. The daily mining limit will be calculated at 0:00 based on total circulation, the total amount mined, and the amount mined the previous day. The BCT price is calculated according to the current value at the point of completion.

3. The dividend for BCT Depositor

As a community-based trading platform, Becent hopes that every user could become the partner and owner of the platform. We will rebate dividends to the users who are willing to grow with the platform. 80% of the total exchange’s revenue of the previous trading day will go back to the BCT depositors. The dividend will be calculated according to the proportion of the user-deposited BCT to total deposited BCT on the platform. The more deposit, the more dividend.

The Advantage of Becent Exchange
Becent token
Becent token (BCT) is the only official sign with the official appointment by Becent digital assets service platform and all users can receive the appropriate BCT prize from active platform activity participation (new user registration, friend invitation, trans fee) mining, dividend allocation.
Consumer benefits from BCT are not only trading BCT standards partners, but can also receive dividends in a proportion that matches the percentage of ownership that will be calculated in proportion to the number of BCTs through BCT statistics regularly on this platform.
Name: Becent Token
Ticker: BCT
Token Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 BCT
Available for Token Sale: 10%
Becent Exchange
Becent Exchange is an easy, stable and fast digital asset exchange zone with attractive visualization, friendly interface, and smooth operation.

Becent Exchange Future Services
1. Secured Transaction
Becent Exchange will provide secure loans and appropriate leverage trading and achieve greater investment by applying fewer assets, and greatly emphasizing the level of utilization of digital assets.
2. Composite Index
Becent exchange will integrate several representative indicators, such as market value, scale, liquidity similar to the stock market.
3. Index Fund
Becent Exchange Supported by an experienced investment management team will be responsible for funds through systematic investment planning and professional trading operations..
Mobile APP and Download

Invest in Becent Token (BCT) get rewards and bonuses from every BCT token you have, and enjoy special features on Becent exchange.
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