BeEasy! A blockchain ecosystem designed for mining, trading and managing cryptocurrency investments!

Cryptocurrency is an innovative type of electronic money, or in another way it is digital money, which is created by generating cryptographic code. Unlike the usual and familiar to us money, cryptocurrency is not printed by the Central banks of States, but created by people around the world. Cryptocurrency can not feel, touch. These funds are of the cryptographic code, which is to find or virtually impossible to forge.

Today, the earnings on bitcoin, becoming one of the most profitable and promising ways to get rich quick. A decade ago, projects to create a virtual payment unit were discussed only in narrow circles of financiers and programmers. After several unsuccessful attempts it enthusiasts made a revolution in the world of Finance. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto generated the first block of digital coins – so there was Bitcoin.

But there are still few people to whom it is available, it is clear to buy cryptocurrency, start mining or trading on exchanges. The solution to this problem is to put before a BeEasy project!

More and more projects start to use blockchain technology for improving infrastructure, carrying out quick operations, data privacy, elimination of intermediaries. And most people still do not understand how this can actively be a participant and at the same time to make good money.

I am an active private investor and it was necessary to learn a lot of time at least a little to understand how it all is done. The BeEasy team creates such an ecosystem and decentralized economy with a simple user interface that is accessible and understandable to almost everyone for mining, trading and investing in projects. This is a very necessary and correct step to date to promote and enable many to begin to understand this technology.

Behind the idea of this project is an international group of companies Cryptocompany, which is a single platform applications for all kinds of interactions with digital money – exchange, mining, receipt of services and others, and they all work in one window.

Thanks to an intuitive and simple interface, the effect of complementarity and fullness with all the necessary functions is achieved. In addition, it can also be used by developers of other applications, websites, online and offline stores using the API.

The idea of the project is very promising and will be useful for many people, no matter at what stage of acquaintance with digital money you are. And so I recommend that you become a user of this product or an investor participate in the purchase of tokens.

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