BeEasy – An Easy Way to Earn and Manage a Cryptocurrency

The BeEasy platform is a blockchain ecosystem that encapsulates trading, mining and cryptocurrency investments; such a platform will decrease the barrier to entry in the crypto world, exponentially. Whereas you would usually have to manage a dozen different accounts for separate services BeEasy will make it easy for users to get acquainted with everything cryptocurrency related.

The BeEasy platform encourages the development of a decentralized type economy based on blockchain networks by appealing to the masses via it’s intuitive and easy to use user experience. By providing specific goods and services, a possible source of income and the social responsibility of professional and non-professional users alike.

One passport to rule them all!

With a unique approach regarding the user authorization module, the BeEasy platform will enable its users to navigate and manage all the available services (Exchange, funding, mining, charitable donations) via a seamless experience on compatible hardware solutions.

BeEasy is simply a set of spontaneous interfaces and the most suitable incorporated services for running crypto-assets. BeEasy offers its customers with an excellent ability to observe company processes in a “one-stop” manner with a single user recognition system. BeEasy project in its core is a blockchain network for mining, investment and trading where the user recognition and organization of all user activities and information in the BeEasy services (mining, exchange, liquidity management service, receiving goods, charity and exchange for fiat, services from assignment partners, etc.) happens in the “single-window” means. BeEasy is a significant venture of the global group of companies Cryptocompany.Ltd that represents a mutual Ecosystem of interrelated services for functioning with digital currency: from mining to investment administration, conversion and exchange for legal tender. Owing to the complicated mutual incorporation of services and solutions this product line is obtainable both to novices and professionals. The BeEasy expertise is the effective communication between services and automatically intelligible interfaces for all types of users. So, an important synergetic effect, unreachable for users of some specialized but detached third-party services, is attained.


BeEasy task encompasses six services projected for diverse user groups: EasyData shows the present number of rented hashing power, a digital currency account; it traits the likelihood of decreasing or increasing the rented power, computes productivity, monitor the process of mining. EasyPool is a management system for mining and a multicurrency pool. EasyPlay is an answer for fast and expedient reception of real services and objects in a swap over for crypto-currency. EasyTrade creation is a crypto-exchange that buttresses incorporation with the dealing software (TickTrader, MetaTrader), plus a web interface for traders and dealers. To check the return on assets and liquidity, a unique service – EasyFund – has been created. A system with suitable interface permits you to without difficulty scrutinize the up to date investment portfolio organization, and also to manage in real time the volume of investments and present yield in BTC/ETH/USD. The EasyCare service offers the user the opening to accomplish a useful endeavor and bequeath the earned cash to donations. The system will mechanically provide a record for associate funds, to which users can be able to conduct a transfer from their balance, and the option to track their contributions.


  • For experts: Services for the managing of equipment and the procedure of mining; Investment instruments for income reproduction, conversion, professional portfolio, convenient management and dependable tools for trading.
  • For non-experts: Services that permit you to get specific goods/values in the gaming setting; components for passive bringing in – “leasing” of unexploited PCs, software licenses (for instance, antivirus) and opportunity to partake in benevolent programs.



  • EasyPool: a digital currency pool with a sociable interface. A mining pool for mining multiple cryptocurrencies paired with a state-of-the-art mining management system. Users will be able to choose from a wide selection of coins such as ETC, ETH, Monero, Decred and many others. The hardware mining solution employs the Stratum protocol which ensures a constant connection to the pool after receiving the mining work.
  • EasyTrade: cryptocurrency exchange with the inclusion of specialized trading software. This is the trading branch of the BeEasy platform. Users will be able to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies alike. Easy trade will use the popular MT4/MT5 trading systems while also maintaining an open API client that users can use for automated trading. In the future, BeEasy will branch out to mobile devices as well as the platform users will need to check their investments even when they are on the road.
  • EasyPlay: element for interface with vendors of software, games, offline partners of the venture. BeEasy introduces a cool new feature in the crypto world, and that is the “mining stuff” feature. Users can install the platform client, and thus they will have the chance to receive rewards and exclusive services for the mining work done on the platform.
  • EasyFund: investment digital currency fund run by a robot with aspects of artificial intelligence. This contains the invested amounts indicator and the current earning power for BTC/ETH/$, access buttons for investment deposits and for applying to withdrawal. EasyFund indicates the current status of portfolios.
  • EasyData: its data center with mining gear, which offers users the occasion to lease abilities for mining. This represents a data center solution made up of high-performance equipment that will serve high-demand calculations. This system will ensure that BeEasy ecosystem is fully operational. At its full speed, the data center will generate more than 2.5 MW.
  • EasyCare: a component for interrelating with benevolent foundations to systematize a donation of cash for the charitable trust. It is an innovative branch in the crypto industry where the users will be able to interact with charitable causes and charity foundations directly through the BeEasy platform. By performing trades through the EasyTrade exchange, users will have the opportunity to send part of their profits to charities directly they care about. Some of the featured causes that will be available: Environmental Protection, Healthcare Research, and Animal Extinction Prevention.


BeEasy ecosystem is a group of interconnected services for cryptocurrency mining, managing the cryptocurrency portfolios, trading and converting cryptocurrency into various assets such as fiat currencies, gaming currencies, software licenses, discount bonuses and certificates for merchant products, internet stores and offline networks, and charity donations.

By bringing all these core features together, BeEasy ensures a robust experience for its users making use of the main features of the cryptocurrency cycle in an integrated environment.

BeEasy is a platform that focuses on providing and developing Mining, Trading and Managing Cryptocurrency services, which use Blockchain technology as the basis for its development. BeEasy allows users to be able to trade their digital assets easily and securely, and in one place they can also mine and control their digital assets. BeEasy provides users with a service that will be a solution related to safer and more transparent mining, trading and managing cryptocurrencies.


The primary importance of project’s token is lessening the cost of each service amenities and intra-structure charges of the BeEasy project equal to 50%. The ETKN can compensate all the amenities offered by BeEasy program services. That way the worth of the token for expert users of the BeEasy network is created. For every service integrated into BeEasy system, there are particular stipulations for paying for its amenities with the ETKN tokens. The users of EasyPlay application shall not even perceive that they are employing the project tokens since the procedure is entirely automated. In addition, this is why for users mining will be as well-organized as possible even when conducted on low-power ability home-based computers. The tokens quantity is limited. The tokens that will remain unsold following Early Bird, the pre-ICO, and the main ICO will be obliterated.


Token Details

The role of the token Internal currency

  • Total tokens: 2.050.000
  • Pre ICO: 50,000 ETKN tokens
  • ICO: 2,000,000 ETKN tokens
  • ICO Pre Platform: Ethereum
  • ICO platform: Ethereum

Tokens distribution

  • Investors 80%
  • Reward to the project team 15%
  • Bounty 5%

ETKN is an ERC20 based token that’s based on the Ethereum platform. The created token will also benefit from the Smart Contracts feature, a staple reliability measure in the crypto world. BeEasy will generate a total of 250 000 ETKNs that are going to be divisible up to four decimal places.

Depending on when you decide to purchase these tokens the price during the ICO period may range between 0.0005 BTC up to 0.02 BTC.Once the ICO stage is completed tokens will be available for purchase through the EasyTrade platform as soon as the exchange is launched.

BeEasy’s token sale shall comprise of an early bird sale, the pre-ICO, and the main ICO.

The main ICO, in the meantime, will begin from February 1st to April 30th, 2018. The pre-Initial Coin Offering has a hard cap of 1.5 million dollars, while the main ICO possesses a hard cap of about 3200 BTC. ETKN tokens shall vend at a fee of 1 ETKN = 0.02 BTC in the ICO. The ETKN are ERC20 tokens created on Ethereum’s blockchain. ETKN tokens will be employed to access 50% reductions in internal system fees and BeEasy services. The explicit discount will fluctuate between various platforms. For instance, you will receive a 30% price cut (on the whole price of the leasing) when renting out a rig via EasyData’s rig letting service. In the interim, you will be offered a discount of 50% on the liquidity managing services presented by EasyFund (plummeting the commission charge from 5% to 2.5%). The BeEasy whitepaper contains all the facts regarding all of the discounts obtainable for using ETKN tokens.

Goals of the BeEasy ICO

Bringing in capital for creating the project, which incorporates developing of an own pioneering mining gear for more leasing to the users of the project (“cloud mining”). These finances would as well permit the company to expand the project’s technological infrastructure mostly focusing on the exchange and to enlarge the project’s comprehensive marketing approach.

Actual running of the marketing and PR projects for attracting as many fresh users as probable.

The Crowdsale

The crowdsale will be divided into two stages: the pre-ICO whose hard cap is set at $1.5 million USD equivalent of BTC. At the minimum, the project is expecting to raise only 120BTC/$500,000 USD to be able to move to the main sale event. The second phase of the crowdsale will have no soft cap and the hard cap is set at 3,200BTC from a sale of 80% of the total tokens to be emitted.

With the token sale event in sight, they intend to distribute the funds collected by allocating 20% of the received funds to the development of the mining equipment for their data center. 10% of the contributed amount will be used to open offices and stations for trade and exchange in Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and the united states.

Other funds requiring licensing and legal papers required for the operation in the states where the offices will be operational will take 15% of the budget. Future development and global marketing will have about 30% and 25% respectively.

Their Pre-ICO was scheduled to launch mid-October and end November 30th of 2017. While that of the main sale was scheduled to launch Q1 of 2018 (precisely February 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018).

For the token prices, early investors will receive a bonus of 50% at a base price of 1ETKN equivalent to 0.005BTC. However, during the main token sale event, 1ETKN will be sold for 0.02BTC, a double in the price from Pre-ICO sales.

The only bizarre thing about their crowdsale is that they will be doing a TGE on the Ethereum platform and are relating pricing of their token to BTC.

Their token is expected to have different functions but essentially as a utility token on the platform. But it can be used to buy cloud mining services and also has the advantage of discounts from fees and purchases for those who use their tokens.



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