Cryptographic money has possessed the capacity to exhibit a simple, advanced contrasting option to fiat monetary standards. Offering frictionless exchanges and expansion control, financial specialists have been sufficiently judicious to include these monetary forms in their differentiated portfolios as a benefit, as the extent of the market does not speak to a fundamental hazard. Digital currency utilizes the utilization of cryptography that guarantees high-security forms and confirms exchanges individual to every client. Subsequently, forging and mysterious exchanges are difficult to accomplish.

While this upheaval is increasing wide acknowledgment, BeEasy, a blockchain biological system intended for mining, exchanging, and overseeing digital money speculations has arrived.


The BeEasy stage is a blockchain environment that embodies exchanging, mining and digital money speculations; such a stage will diminish the hindrance to section in the crypto world, exponentially. Though you would for the most part need to deal with twelve unique records for partitioned administrations BeEasy will make it simple for clients to get to know everything digital money related.

The BeEasy stage supports the advancement of a decentralized kind economy in light of blockchain organizes by speaking to the majority by means of it’s instinctive and simple to utilize client encounter. By giving particular products and enterprises, a conceivable wellspring of salary and the social obligation of expert and non-proficient clients alike.

One international ID to run them all!

With a one of a kind approach in regards to the client approval module, the BeEasy stage will empower its clients to explore and deal with all the accessible administrations (Exchange, subsidizing, mining, magnanimous gifts) by means of a consistent affair on perfect equipment arrangements.

BeEasy is just an arrangement of unconstrained interfaces and the most appropriate joined administrations for running crypto-resources. BeEasy offers its clients with a magnificent capacity to watch organization forms in a “one-stop” way with a solitary client acknowledgment framework. BeEasy venture in its center is a blockchain arrange for mining, speculation and exchanging where the client acknowledgment and association of all client exercises and data in the BeEasy administrations (mining, trade, liquidity administration benefit, accepting merchandise, philanthropy and trade for fiat, administrations from task accomplices, and so forth.) occurs in the “single-window” implies. BeEasy is a critical wander of the worldwide gathering of organizations Cryptocompany.Ltd that speaks to a common Ecosystem of interrelated administrations for working with computerized money: from mining to venture organization, change and trade for lawful delicate. Inferable from the muddled common fuse of administrations and arrangements this product offering is possible both to tenderfoots and experts. The BeEasy mastery is the successful correspondence amongst administrations and naturally understandable interfaces for a wide range of clients. In this way, an essential synergetic impact, inaccessible for clients of some specific however disconnected outsider administrations, is accomplished.

Structure of BeEasy

BeEasy errand includes six administrations anticipated for various client gatherings: EasyData demonstrates the present number of leased hashing power, a computerized money account; it qualities the probability of diminishing or expanding the leased influence, registers efficiency, screen the way toward mining. EasyPool is an administration framework for mining and a multicurrency pool. EasyPlay is a response for quick and practical gathering of genuine administrations and questions in a swap over for digital money. EasyTrade creation is a crypto-trade that supports joining with the managing programming (TickTrader, MetaTrader), in addition to a web interface for brokers and merchants. To check the arrival on resources and liquidity, a novel administration – EasyFund – has been made. A framework with appropriate interface grants you to without trouble examine the progressive venture portfolio association, and furthermore to oversee continuously the volume of speculations and present yield in BTC/ETH/USD. The EasyCare benefit offers the client the opening to achieve a helpful undertaking and give the earned money to gifts. The framework will mechanically give a record to relate reserves, to which clients can have the capacity to lead an exchange from their adjust, and the choice to track their commitments.

Significance of BeEasy

For specialists: Services for the overseeing of hardware and the technique of mining; Investment instruments for money multiplication, transformation, proficient portfolio, advantageous administration and trustworthy apparatuses for exchanging.

For non-specialists: Services that allow you to get particular products/values in the gaming setting; segments for inactive getting – “renting” of unexploited PCs, programming licenses (for example, antivirus) and chance to share in altruistic projects.

BeEasy offers which sorts of administrations?

EasyPool: an advanced money pool with a friendly interface

EasyTrade: digital money trade with the consideration of particular exchanging programming

EasyPlay: component for interface with sellers of programming, diversions, disconnected accomplices of the wander

EasyFund: speculation advanced money support keep running by a robot with parts of man-made reasoning

EasyData: its server farm with mining gear, which offers clients the event to rent capacities for mining

EasyCare: a part to interrelate with considerate establishments to systematize a gift of money for the beneficent trust.

Undertaking Token – EasyToken(ETKN)

The essential significance of undertaking’s token is decreasing the cost of each administration pleasantries and intra-structure charges of the BeEasy venture equivalent to half. The ETKN can repay every one of the pleasantries offered by BeEasy program administrations. That way the value of the token for master clients of the BeEasy organize is made. For each administration incorporated into BeEasy framework, there are specific stipulations for paying for its conveniences with the ETKN tokens. The clients of EasyPlay application should not see that they are utilizing the venture tokens since the strategy is completely computerized. Furthermore, this is the reason for clients mining will be too sorted out as conceivable notwithstanding when led on low-control capacity locally established PCs. The tokens amount is restricted. The tokens that will stay unsold after Early Bird, the pre-ICO, and the principle ICO will be decimated.

BeEasy ETKN ICO Token Sale

Token Details

The part of the token Internal cash

Add up to tokens 2.050.000

Pre ICO 50,000 ETKN tokens

ICO 2,000,000 ETKN tokens

ICO Pre Platform Ethereum

ICO stage Ethereum

Tokens dissemination

Financial specialists 80%

Reward to the venture group 15%

Abundance 5%

ETKN is an ERC20 construct token that is based with respect to the Ethereum stage. The made token will likewise profit by the Smart Contracts highlight, a staple unwavering quality measure in the crypto world. BeEasy will produce an aggregate of 250 000 ETKNs that will be distinguishable up to four decimal spots.

Contingent upon when you choose to buy these tokens the cost amid the ICO time frame may run between 0.0005 BTC up to 0.02 BTC.Once the ICO organize is finished tokens will be accessible for buy through the EasyTrade stage when the trade is propelled.

BeEasy’s token deal should contain a timely riser deal, the pre-ICO, and the principle ICO.

The principle ICO, meanwhile, will start from February first to April 30th, 2018. The pre-Initial Coin Offering has a hard top of 1.5 million dollars, while the primary ICO has a hard top of around 3200 BTC. ETKN tokens should distribute at a charge of 1 ETKN = 0.02 BTC in the ICO. The ETKN are ERC20 tokens made on Ethereum’s blockchain. ETKN tokens will be utilized to get to half diminishments in interior framework charges and BeEasy administrations. The unequivocal rebate will change between different stages. For example, you will get a 30% value cut (in general cost of the renting) when leasing an apparatus by means of EasyData’s apparatus letting administration. In the meantime, you will be offered a markdown of half on the liquidity overseeing administrations displayed by EasyFund (falling the commission charge from 5% to 2.5%). The BeEasy whitepaper contains every one of the certainties with respect to the greater part of the rebates reachable for utilizing ETKN tokens.

Objectives of the BeEasy ICO

Acquiring capital for making the undertaking, which consolidates creating of a claim spearheading digging gear for all the more renting to the clients of the venture (“cloud mining”). These accounts would also allow the organization to extend the venture’s mechanical foundation generally concentrating on the trade and to amplify the task’s far reaching promoting approach.

Real running of the promoting and PR ventures for drawing in the same number of crisp clients as plausible



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