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BeepBeep Nation is “The Mother Of All Apps” as is done by other proven apps, but the price is cheaper, or free or better – and in one single app.

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The ready-to-launch BeepBeep Nation app launches in a few weeks after the ICO ends.

The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for iOS and Android provides a complete solution for our users to solve everyday problems quickly and help each other when urgent help is needed.

This is done by facilitating communication between the person in need of assistance (“Applicant”) and the person providing the assistance (“Assistant”). Get up-to-date and up-to-date information from real people in certain places, trips or places of people in certain places that do not mind helping other users to quickly assist in emergencies, including those with health emergencies or At the moment there are no family members or pets, and they need help to quickly find them, and more: BeepBeep Nation makes requests and provides help as efficiently and effectively as possible. They may be.

Candidates may choose a gift of assistant with a note of thanks after the requested help has been given. However, the applicant is not required to provide guidance, but if offered, the assistant is not required to accept it. Both applicants and assistants refer to each other regardless of BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not participate in any agreement between them. Both the candidate and the assistant are employees or independent contractors of BeepBeep Nation. Both applicants and assistants act independently and settle disputes with each other and with the BeepBeep community community.

By promoting and promoting aid organizations, BeepBeep Nation not only makes the world better, it also brings users closer, as they usually have to meet face-to-face to provide the help they need and at the same time resolve their disputes. This is an important step in popular social networking applications where users usually spend most of their time interacting with a smartphone or computer screen. The main commercial model of BeepBeep Nation is the sale of loans required to send requests for assistance.

BeepBeep Nation will charge the applicant a nominal amount of 0.10 to 0.30 US dollars for each request for information sent within a radius of 1-5 km from the specified location. This is a very cost-effective way for applicants to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other users (eg, New York, who have a large population) within a radius. Not only this, because the help requests are sent to the specified place of the applicant where they are only seen by users in this place, they provide very specific help requests to the users and receive the best answers from the owners as they save their screens. Cleaning requests that wizards can not respond because they are not in the location specified by the applicant.

Another unique feature of the BeepBeep Nation app is that our users can simultaneously become applicants and assistants, as they can request any help (for example, request travel), offer other types of help to other applicants (how to provide applicants with new information). Our users simply register in BeepBeep Nation account and can immediately seek help from other users or provide assistance to other users if they can. You do not need to offer help when other users ask for help, because any help is voluntary.

Since applicants can get free help or receive a thank you for them, we hope many people around the world are downloading it to try it out. Over time, millions and millions of help requests will be sent each day.

The BeepBeep Nation app emphasizes the security of its users, as it encourages meetings between them. Many security mechanisms are already in the app and can be found at There are other aspects that we can add to apps in this area. A nation can work with companies that specialize in identity and location verification.

Token details:

Token name – Token Token (EMN)
Token – ERC20
Number of tokens 156.250.000 EMN (including bonus tokens)
Allocated for sale – 112.228.260
Hard CAP – $ 31.250.000,00
Currency received – ETH, USD
Retail price of 1 EMN = 0.25 USD



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