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Good evening, dear friends. Why is the project worthy of attention? It’s all about its uniqueness-people often face situations when they need urgent help in performing a certain task. But it is almost impossible to find a qualified assistant – it takes a lot of time. The decentralized platform Beepnow is a unique solution that allows you to quickly find assistants to work and provide various services. In addition, everyone will be able to earn extra money by offering their services. The use of blockchain gives the opportunity to protect users from fraudulent schemes and low – quality services-the creators of the decentralized platform Beepnow confident in their project.

From experts to light work, You can request various tasks – is a decentralized platform Beepnow. Beepnow’s innovative project is a platform that allows you to request a wide range of tasks from professional requests, such as doctors, tax accountants, lawyers, to cleaning of premises, delivery of things, tutoring. In this case, everything will depend on the preferences of users.

Features Of Beepnow

It is worth highlighting the key factors of the project success:

Create a new world for everyone. beepnow is a unique decentralized platform that connects job seekers and those who need some help in their daily lives. In order to take advantage of all the advantages of the platform, you just need to get a smartphone.

A simple calculation with a smartphone
For example, you are going to go shopping in a certain shopping center, take out your smartphone and look for a coordinator. Join GPS, enjoy shopping with them and make payment at the end. This approach allows you to easily organize your shopping, get the experience of other customers and make the best purchases.

You can make different requests. Going on a trip, you can find a person who will be ready to monitor your pet. The official language of the company became English. So please teach me business English. I would like to visit local attractions that only locals know. You can use a wide range of services. The creators of the platform are confident that their project will become truly global-people will be able to provide / receive a variety of services, while any transactions will become safe and thoughtful, thanks to the use of smart contracts.

Spend your free time to good use. Provide certain services to earn good money. This approach will allow you to get additional profit, monetize your own efforts.

Special attention should be paid to the functionality of the platform:

Security of identity verification-account management with identity documents.

This makes it possible to avoid options with fraud or the provision of substandard services.

Select incoming currency – each user of the platform can use tokens, as well as Fiat funds to complete the planned transaction.

Get rewards – get rewards on your Bank account. Monetize your skills and knowledge – the list of services is really huge, which allows everyone to count on getting a good profit.

Message-you can send work messages to notify users of changes to plans. Such effective communication promotes mutually beneficial cooperation.

Calendar-simple task scheduling is possible thanks to the built-in calendar.

Search by GPS-a great opportunity to pick up services that are not so remote from you.

Different categories – you can order a work from the category, guided by your own

One-button order – easy to order with credit card. No extra manipulation, maximum speed.


Related activities – there are a kind of ratings that allows you to evaluate the performance of the users in this decentralized platform.

The developer guarantees the constant renewal of the functionality. The launch of the ICO will provide sufficient funds for the development of such a promising project. Already, many investors note the importance of this decentralized platform.


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