BEER MONEY – Distribute 25% of the profits to the Token Holder

The Blockchain Technology keeps on expanding in ubiquity and also its appropriation because of its genuine utilize cases in different parts by people, firm, and governments. The revolutionary technology impacting different industries miraculously was introduced in the markets with its very first modern application Bitcoin. The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology, embracing thenew technological innovation has helped reshape the world.

In this sea of inovation and new technologies i will be introducing you to a visionary project that come to life in the form of ICO’s and today i am going to present you with one of the most promising ones on the market which is Beer money a project that has been designed to make strategic alliances with other commercial establishments with the objective of mass marketing the beer, which will bring benefits to the holders as special discounts and the expansion of the token exchange supporting its value. Imagine a platform that can bring you up to 25 per cent of income and there is a chance to get additional 20 per cent for repurchasing these wonderful tokens at the market price.


The BEER token as a digital asset is a mosaic in Nem’s blockchain, its initial market cap is 400 million divisible in 6, and through the token burning model, it will be decreased to 80 million as the final market cap.


The token beer is the only one that combines two growing markets such as artisan beer and the cryptocurrency market, coupled with this beer money will distribute 25% of its earnings to its holders tokens and an additional 20% are used to repurchase tokens to the current market price which will be destroyed, thus building a collaborative and sustainable business model.

The average user is acquainted with establishments and businesses where they spend with traditional money, but all these changes with beer money Pubs, where you can pay your account with the token beer and also with other cryptocurrencies, so you no longer have to resort to Cash, you can also order your order through our mobile application and receive it at your doorstep.

Customers who purchase BeerMoney products and make their payment with the token BEER will receive special discounts; also, the Allied businesses that accept our token offer some benefits all this is possible by having a product on the market that Supports the value of the token.


Beer money was born from the need for use in which we face today with the cryptocurrencies as they have become simple instruments of trading, away from use in our daily lives, so the business model of Beer Money arrives to break schemes and placed to be a company with a solid product with an usable and functional token for many years.

Business Model

The Beer Token

The BEER token as a digital asset is a mosaic in the Nem blockchain, its initial marketcap is 400.000.000 tokens divisible by 6; by means of the model of destruction of tokens will have a final marketcap of up to 80.000.000 tokens.

Token Details

Token Sales

Beer money Tokens Sales and Distribution Schedule


Start Date: September 15th

End Date: October 15th

Bonus: 30%


Start Date: October 16th

End Date: November 15th

Bonus: 20%


Start Date: November 16th

End Date: January 15th

Bonus: 10%


Start Date: January 16th

End Date: January 31th

Bonus: 0%

Token Distribution


The beer token will be backed by Artisan beer, this will be the initial value of the token that is 0.05 USD to its equivalent in the value of the product that will be 1 dollar, 20 tokens = 1 Artisan beer, if the user spend their BeerMoney tokens in an official point of sale or pubs, the minimum value which will be exchanged no matter if the market price is lower, the tokens will also be available for trading in exchanges where BEER is listed, in addition to this the company will repurchase to market tokens one time per month at the rate of 20 % of your earnings for cash, them destroying by purchasing at least 0.05 USD each token.




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