Behaviour Exchange –Track Your Online Visitors and Customize Web Content in Real-Time

There is a considerable measure of mindfulness about digital currency, numerous individuals are getting to be mindful of the open door that lies in it and more individuals are knick-knacks to know how they can profit by cryptographic money.
If you are part of the group of people that curios to know how to be a part of this, here is an exciting project.


BehaviorExchange is a blockchain-based platform that utilizes blockchain and huge information advancements to distinguish online clients and modify website content to suite your inclinations.

Behavior Exchange platform is designed to cater for large volume of data. As of today, the platform can handle millions of visitors in a day & is scalable. It allows for an easy updating process so as to handle more visitors even up-to billions of visits in a day, Currently, we are glad to announce to you that officially built up our own patented profiling innovation. The next phaze of action which of course is ongoing is the development a platform for B2C companies.

The Behavior Exchange stage basically takes a shot at interfacing three distinct units, specifically: web guests, sites and B2C organizations in an alternate and one of a unique way.
Several Parties in particular are offered a different useful administrations, for example, sites with the choice to trade their traffic with different sites to help grow their scope and perceivability with cross advancement.
The guest of the site are not shelled with promotions which are redundant and insignificant to them, and is critical for B2C organizations to appreciate their guests progressively and utilize the BEX administration to demonstrate each guest the most fitting item, benefit or other substance.

The system is presently sufficiently wide, both topographically and as far as assortment of substance, to achieve an extensive number of guests. Nonetheless, we are prepared to grow comprehensively.

Some essential purposes of the BehaviourExchange stage Will be where a large portion of the enrolled financial specialists or potential speculators who will begin exchanging on this stage will be good to go.

This platform give assistance to B2C organizations around the globe. This will gives all pertinent data about online guests to various sites. Depicting the statistic and psychographic conduct of guests, organizations can focus on their clients in an exceptionally inventive manner. They need to be a contrasting option to Google Adsense

It is a stage for customer profile creation basically to bridle the capability of blockchain innovation for their advantage.
As stated earlier, ContentExchange stage is already running in Europe where 200 media sites take an interest. Utilizing the intensity of Big Data for their particular task, they have concocted a special framework that will help numerous B2C organizations. Web guests, B2C Businesses and sites are key stage partners. Their collaboration decides stage advance.

Several guests find what they are searching for on the web while B2C businesses get the understanding their guests continuously. Their will tracking code which will be introduced on the site which will inform the owner of a new online guest. The clever profile creation algorithm makes the ideal profile for guests in view of machine adapting, huge information and measurements.

BehaviourExchange consolidates Blockchain innovation to make a devoted BEX token and Big Data examination to make the special behavior profiling administration. They comprehend a web guest’s statistic and psychographic attributes and in addition their wistful incentive to give a membership based subscription to customers that provide assistance to those clients that help find applicable purchaser sections real-time.

BehaviourExchange concentrated on extending the system of media organizations that utilizes its administrations. Right now, the system comprises of in excess of 200 media locales in the continent of Europe.
Clients visit sites that utilizes the BEX gadget. The gadget records every one of guests’ visits and guest conduct in the “Enormous Data” exchange database, at that point the information is prepared by the intelligent profile stage and the spared individual profile database.

The organization introduces the code on its site to begin the administration. When a Bec treat guest visits your webpage, the administration will report specifically to the site, which will consequently show the substance according the client’s profile.


-The Initial offering cost of the token is just 0.1 dollars and with the high demand of financial specialists it is expected that the cost of the token will rise skyrocket. At that point, as a financial specialist, you can unquestionably profit by it.

-BehaviourExchange’s targets are a large number of organizations and B2C organizations that have substantial and requesting markets. As a result of this, it could most likely going to be an awesome achievement, so investors can likewise profit by it.

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