The platform combines Blockchain technology to create a dedicated BEX token and Big Data analysis to create the unique behavior profiling service. They understand a web visitor’s demographic and psychographic characteristics as well as their sentimental value to provide a subscription-based service to clients that help them locate relevant consumer segments in real-time.
The platform
The Behaviour Exchange platform primarily works on connecting three different units, namely: web visitors, websites and B2C businesses in a different and unique way. Each party is offered a various beneficial services such as websites with the option to exchange their traffic with other websites to help expand their reach and visibility with cross promotion. The visitor of the website are not bombarded with ads which are not necessary and irrelevant to them, and is important for B2C businesses to comprehend their visitors in real-time and use the BEX service to show every visitor the most appropriate product, service or other content.
Users visit various websites on different occasions to their browse online, shop, or just obtain information. Hence, this is leveraged by the company where they place the widgets and track the users. These websites use our widgets to reciprocally exchange traffic with other websites in the
BEX partner network. These widgets have the capability to track the users activities and behaviour. They accumulate all the information about users and create a “Big Database”. The subscription fees ranges from few dollars per month up to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the customisation that the users choose. Targeting the right group of users is the most important part for businesses these day as companies as spending billions to track the right set of users and are still not getting the desired results. BEX is the solution to all their problems.
The Technology
They have combined artificial intelligence, text mining, machine learning and statistics, along with big data to create in depth user profiles. Their primary target is B2C companies. They will focus on expanding geographically to companies that have multiple products that are being sold to different customer segments. The use of Ethereum technology will provide benefits such as high-level smart contract language similar to Java and Python. Already running platform in Europe. Around 200 media website are participating in the platform. Profiles for the visitors are created by using intelligent algorithms based on Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Big data and statistics.
BEX token
The name of the token is denoted by the symbol BEX and the users will be rewarded with BEX tokens for sharing their personal data. The Bex token sale is currently live on the platform.67% of the total tokens will be there for the public sale. The token sale will begin in the first quarter of 2018. The amount raised will be divided into
• 45% of the funds will be used for research, further development and the acquisition of technology.
• 35% of the funds will be used for sales and marketing.
• 20% of the funds will be used for legal, general and administrative purposes.
Bex team is very experienced in blockchain technology as well as financial services
They have a highly experienced team with enough experience to bring out a platform of such magnitude. The ecosystem has a simple and easy user interface which is Easy-to-understand in the initial documentation. DO check out their website for more details regarding the platform and the ICO.With BEX Businesses will be easily get the analytics about their customers.The ecosystem will create a win win scenario for both businesses as well as the customers.
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