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The goal of blockchain technology has always been to decentralize the power structure in organizations. With the increased popularity of this technology comes a directly proportional increase in the number of people willing to invest in blockchain based projects. This hasn’t stopped some projects supposedly intending to enhance decentralization veering away from the key ethos of blockchain technology.
Introducing the BeLL Platform
The Bell Platform is a blockchain based project which has a triangle of functions. These functions include;
-Wallet with an insurance feature
-Decentralized exchange and an
-Asset transfer protocol.
The project is intended to provide holders of the BeLL tokens with mouthwatering benefits. The BeLL DEX will distribute absolutely all the profit generated to the token holders in proportion to their percentage holdings.
Key features of BeLL Wallet
The features which set the BeLL wallet apart from it’s contemporaries include;
Insurance: BeLL wallet is a decentralized wallet which is insured against loss of assets in a scenario where you are unable to access your wallet for whatever reason.
Joint Ownership: BeLL wallet offers it’s users an option to have joint ownership over an account. A consequence of this is that funds cannot be withdrawn unless all approved users get verified.
Seamless Transition of Assets: The owner of a wallet is enabled to create his wallet with specified conditions that enables loved ones or colleagues to access the wallet on behalf of the owner in case of an unexpected event. This prevents total loss of funds in this scenario.
BeLL Tokenomics
BeLL platform operates a tokenized ecosystem. The official token has the ticker “BeL”L. The total supply of BeLL tokens is 100,000,000 and 30% of that will be put up for sale during the ICO while 20% has been allocated to airdrops and bounty programs.
The goal of the BeLL platform has been well outlined and is one to look forward to. With the introduction of revolutionary concepts, I guess it’s all up to the team to play their part to ensure success of the project.
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