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BeLL Wallet creates the ultimate form of ‘wallet’ that helps manage assets in a 100% safe way. The mission of BeLL Wallet is ‘the most comfortable and safe wallet in the world.’ Under the vision below:

1. Wallet with Insurance Features.

2. Use of Bell Tokens.

3. Ownership with a wallet.

4. Decentralization of Exchange (DEX).

5. Asset Transfer Protocol.

6. Issuance of Original Tokens

Platform BeLL

Platform BeLL

BeLL Wallet feature

The features that distinguish the BeLL wallet from its contemporaries include;


BeLL wallet is a decentralized wallet that is insured against assets in a scenario where you cannot access your wallet for any reason.

Mandatory Requirements about Insurance:

  1. Twitter, Telegram and Facebook accounts are needed when creating a BeLL Wallet account. Direct messages from all accounts must be sent to verify your identity when agreeing to the BeLL Wallet License.
  2. Verification image is required. Upload an image when you create a BeLL Wallet account. The same image must be uploaded each time you apply to receive BeLL Wallet insurance.
  3. Insurance fee

Joint Ownership:

The BeLL wallet gives users the option to have joint ownership of an account. The consequence of this is that funds cannot be withdrawn unless all users have been collected.

Transition of Seamless Assets

The owner of the wallet is permitted to make a wallet with certain conditions that are approved by a loved one or buy a wallet on behalf of the owner in an unexpected estimate. This prevents total loss of funds in this scenario.

BeLL Token

The BeLL Token official platform has a “BeLL” ticker. The BeLL Token is an erc-20 agreement. The total supply of toLL tokens is 100,000,000 and 30% of them will be provided for sale during the ICO while 20% will be allocated for airdrops and bounty programs.

BeLL Tokenomics

Token distribution


Bell Road Map

For more information, please visit:

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