One of the most important sector in Cryptocurrency currency industry is Crypto exchange. This is a a digital platform that provides secondary marketing for buying and selling of digital assets. Without an exchange, all the activities and innovations in the industry will be of no value because there won’t be a platform where digital assets holders can quantify the value of their assets.

The significant role exchange plays in the industry makes us to see developments of many exchanges since the advent of Cryptocurrencies. The liquidity pools that these exchanges provide account for the market capitalization of digital assets which nearly reached one trillion dollars in the first few months of 2018.

The last bullish trends of Cryptocurrency markets met most exchanges unprepared for it and this was shown in how incapacitated they are in allowing new traders in registering on their platform. The truth is that soon or later, Cryptocurrency will enter main stream thereby bringing many traders with it but the reality now is that the current infrastructure of many exchanges now are too rigid and will not have the capacity to handle the influx of the mass adoption.

Due to the recent advancement in blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency trading has experienced huge increase in numbers of people involved in it, however several challenges are encountered by investors in the course of trading, all Thanks to DEEX team for leveraging the power of Blockchain to provide a dual options and a user friendly platform for easy trading.

The biggest advantage of DEEX is that it will offer the most advantageous crypto currency in the easiest and most convenient way to buy-sell. In the first phase, the stock exchange, which will be available with basic crypto currencies, is then expected to open many popular currencies to its portfolio and users.

One of biggest features of DEEX will be a decentralized stock market. For example; a messenger-style application where only customers can message among themselves, and a funding system with a block chain infrastructure that can be used for mass funding. We may need emergency cash from time to time, when we turn to the point of withdrawal of a bank where we are not a customer, we can face serious cuts or we have dollars in our account, but it is troublesome to trade in dollars where we are, and we are paying high commissions to convert it to another money.

It will also interest you to know that on the DEEX, all the crypto currencies can be translated and can be used in electronic environment and you can easily pay your bills will be at your DEEX ATM service. Think of a credit card that you can use as you wish all over the world, and that you have current crypto coins, which allows you to translate into the currency of your country when you wish, and also receive bonuses, gifts as you use this card. Perhaps the DEEX Cards are exactly what you need. From time to time to invest in projects that are beautiful and future can bring serious gains.

DEEX 7/24 Customer Service Center will provide service. If you want to get more technical information about our project, you can review the technical documents from the link below.

DEEX token is already listed and trading on several Exchange.

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Why You should add DEEX to your crypto portfolio;

With DEEX experienced and entrepreneur team with years of experience, it will not be difficult for the project to achieve success.

Unlike many mushroom projects that emerge everyday that suffers market availability, the DEEX project has a working product, it will also interest you to know that DEEX is already trading.

If you have used DEEX Exchange, you will agree with me that the platform is seamless and user friendly unlike other Exchange that requires some level of technical know-how to be able to operate.

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