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Although the broader financial world has been slow to recognize cryptocurrencies as a viable area of investment, that hasn’t stopped some hedge fund managers from making moves in that direction. In fact, as cryptocurrency interest among everyday investors has surged over the past year, the number of cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds launched has also climbed. Search of a new perspective crypto fund drove us to
HACKvc is a blockchain based hedge fund, that will provide faster liquidity to its investors. Through the HACKvc, mone will be invested into the best worldwide start ups, and all the investments and actions will be made by highly skilful team. They are also making a crowdsale, and collected funds will be reinvested into the new top projects. Platform is built on secured Ethereum network offering features like smart contracts and ERC compatible tokens.
With HACKvc, an individual can finally take part in something that was usually reserved for institutional investors only.

Now when you are introduced to the basics of this perspective project , for all the additional information please take a look at the white paper at the following link :

What’s a Hacker/Founder?

Hacker/founder of managing a portfolio of technology corporations stage post-product, and supply services in Exchange for equity. Equity Fund united into and offered to investors. The four funds H/F seven exit has resulted in 5 years.

H/F launches initial technology cluster of entrepreneurs in geographical region, and over the last decade, the community has grownup to over 300,000 folks in 128 cities and forty seven countries. This distinctive network is that the key to property access H/F to a high-quality startup to its portfolio.


HACK VC blockchain use technology to try and do the startup investment obtainable to folks round the world and in the least levels of investment.

Those who need to urge concerned in supporting the technology startup will do thus while not high financial gain. price of 1 token HACK is $1 USD, and over the sale of tokens, this minimum profit goes into the Fund. additionally, investors will gain from novices to currently dormant as a result of it’s within the world that are arduous to succeed in as a result of restrictive, market, and different factors. as a result of the localized blockchain technology, capital which will be left behind on the table will currently be wont to increase worth for investors.

HACK the VC additionally offers a diversification of risk. Until now, it’s virtually not possible to urge exposure to a varied equity portfolio startup while not having lots of wealth. most significantly, the HACK is fluid, VC and offers investors the power to appreciate profits while not having to attend for a decade.

Hackers HACK creator/founder, VC, has run the startup programs that generate proprietary half-hour growth from year to year over the last 5 years, and has had seven out of lv corporations from round the world.

In addition, the team can contribute $1 million shares from the Fund’s existing H/F 1–4.

Hack is that the token-based Wireshark recently issued by HACK VC, and might be bought, oversubscribed and listed through stock transactions on-line as liquid.

HACK relies on ERC223 Protocol. ERC223 solve the matter with the quality ERC20 whereas still compatible with a wallet that’s compatible with ERC20. Hack may be a digital token is listed which might be used for participation, illustration, proof of membership in H/F or different acceptable functions.

KrowdMentor, a strategic consultive and investment trust that empowers investors, funds, beginners, and employers block, developed the token. KrowdMentor additionally give a written agreement development of an intelligent, smart contract management system furthermore as through different advisers to support the role of a HACK VC.

HACK the VC can have the benefit of the method, the community and therefore the same expertise that created seven portfolios of hackers/Founders WHO came out throughout the last 5 years.

With the utilization of blockchain technology, HACK the VC would enable folks at each level and in each a part of the planet to speculate within the company of beginners. additionally, liquidity HACK VC suggests that investors are going to be able to reap the rewards of a varied portfolio of startup while not having to attend for years.

Bounty Campaigns :
Another way of participating in the project is through bounty campaigns , where you can help the creators of the project with the marketing in different ways. For example through social network like Facebook or Twitter , or even translating the project to a different language and so on.
For your participation you will be rewarded with tokens.
Additional information about the bounty campaigns you can check at the following link :

There is also an official thread at bitcointalk forum for all the fans of crypto currencies , where you are more than welcomed to join and take part in the discussion about the project. All that and more at:

Some of the links you might need :
Official web page :
Whitepaper :
Twitter :
Telegram :
Facebook :

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