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Welcome to all noteworthy crypto network! The rates business has a noteworthy offer in the all out offer of the worldwide budgetary market. Many will presumably concur with me that each individual’s blood is in energy and numerous bookmakers utilize this shortcoming to us. The current brought together models of wagering organizations are somewhat dubious and shut to clients. The vast majority of the data on crafted by such organizations is shut to clients, this incorporates the development of coefficients, the Random Number Generator, the components for the withdrawal of earned assets, the general money related action of organizations. Furthermore, with an incorporated model, there is a danger of blocking clients by the organization and loss of money related assets that go into the record. Be that as it may, by the by, enthusiasm for the wagering business is expanding each year. The advancement of blockchain innovation obviously in such manner can altogether change this industry and make it progressively alluring to clients.


onsider a startup Betbox. Betbox is a decentralized, open source occasion wagering application based on the Etherium blockchain. The decentralized model gives an open development of the coefficients, just as the fast and reasonable circulation of assets immediately. Likewise, clients in the application will approach casting a ballot capacities in case of questions, which legitimately shows that clients are of central significance on the stage.

So as to extend the adaptability of the environment and the likelihood of further challenge with brought together models, the application will send an EVM side chain with an agreement of POA and circulated hubs, which will give quick system data transmission and snappy affirmation all things considered.

Capacities that will be sent in Betbox:

individual rates;

private P2P.

The primary bit of leeway of Betbox is the capacity to set wagers between at least two clients on a shared premise, with the setting of the wager and an individual accord estimation. Here it is conceivable to arrange and associate the accompanying choices: Russian Roulette, Shoot-Out, Crypto Raiiy (ERC-721 communication), Rich Me and numerous others.

Betbox will be accessible to clients in the web rendition, just as an application for Android and IOS customers.



Token value and token-sale.

The Betbox ecosystem will have its own OX token, which will be used as a means of payment and as a betting currency for obtaining the Proof of Authority distributed network. In order to increase the value of the token and reduce inflation, some of the tokens of users can be burned in exchange for ETH.
ICO details and token sales.
Token symbol: OX
Marker Standard: ERC-20
1 OX = 0.0004 ETH (discounts are available on purchase)
Soft Cap = 4,000 ETH
Hard Cap = 32,000 ETH
Accepted Payments – ETH
Today, the private sales stage is underway, the beginning of the public sales stage will be announced later. We will follow.
According to the information posted on the Roadmap, the launch of the beta version on Android and IOS is scheduled for Q1 2019, but due to the downward trend of the overall market, the deadlines may be shifted. Well, let’s see!
Well, to summarize, I’ll say that the project is interesting to me personally, since I’m a passionate person and I often make bets, mainly on sports and I really know the problems of this industry, in particular, there have been cases of blocking my accounts and large amounts of winnings. If the project really creates everything that it has planned, then it will be interesting to many players. But here a big role will be assigned to the marketing company of the project.
The information presented in the article is purely research in nature and is not an incentive for your investments. Make informed decisions based on your own analysis and experience.
Links for information:
Web site
Technical paper

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