The gaming industry now have need for the digital tech in it due to the fact that digitization is taking over all the systems or sectors and it won’t take long before all the traditional centred concepts becomes obsolete or unable to meet up with the set Standard of digitization.

#BETHASH is going to put forward its vices to make sure transparency reigns in the system. The grips of the traditional bodies will be removed so gamblers can be free than ever when they participate in any operation.

Sincerely, the issue of security and how some users lose funds in the sector will be done with. Full Security will be introduced to it as a means of improving the sector and payments will be done in a perfect style such that the players are not taken for granted.

The Bethash team introduced a multi-chain system to the platform, enabling gambling in multiple currencies through the EOS Blockchain. Bethash is the world’s first Satoshi cryptographic currency #JACKPOT , which provides a real experience in gambling . Each project client has an opportunity to become a true pioneer in this segment. It is worthwhile to consider the important features of the platform. Bring the game to the next level where players can enjoy a safe environment.

Bethash is a popular place for gambling lovers. The facilities offered by the best online Jackpot gambling sites are certainly never disappointing. This site offers games that you can only see in jackpots, and even if you are playing with your smartphone or laptop you will still like to play real games.

Bethash EOS has the fastest block generation time and is perfect for fast-paced lottery games. Ji Ji style distributed online crypto currency jackpot, it provides the greatest experience. Do you have a headset? We are designed for a lot of games! EOS block time is 0.5 seconds. That is, 2 blocks are generated every second and each of these blocks has a randomly generated transaction hash. A safe, secure, and transparent guarantee is guaranteed.


This project combines all the positive elements associated with blockchain technology and decentralization. This includes much improved security and transparency.

The platform also benefits investors, as it brings together the most impressive technology elements to facilitate the next level of user experience. As token holders, they can make a percentage of platform revenue as the platform grows.

Each player has access to the following features

There are several types of online jackpot gambling, five of which are slot machines, Roullete, Black jack, Baccarat, Dice and Lottery. The first slot machine is a game that offers a lot of bonuses and jackpots. So it’s no surprise if this one game is so popular, but the bonus and jackpot winning methods are simple and simple.

Second Roullete, if you look at this game, you’re looking closely at this type of game at the gameplay location, so there will be no strangers. Roullete is a game with a small wheel with a white ball containing numbers from 0 to 36. Therefore, given the choice of numbers, groups of numbers, colors and even odd numbers, we need to predict where the white ball will stop.

The third Blackjack, surely you know this one game, a game that uses playing cards whose ultimate goal is to collect up to 21 cards. People buy cards for many reasons. Buying an ICO token is a hobby, but for some people it is a way of life. Many transaction codes are their smart and diverse portfolio, including cards from all kinds of blockchain projects. Others are just playing speculation games.

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