Have you heard about BETHASH before?

If you have not, read this article carefully.
BETHASH is a decentralized gaming platform incorporated on blockchain technology. BETHASH is bringing revolution in the gaming industry, changing the system from the traditional centralized model to a modernize decentralized gaming system. BETHASH could also be term as a lottery platform that offer lottery to the users and player of the platform in every minute (still the best I have seen so far).


There are many reasons but am going to elaborate on fees:
1- The traditional gaming system lack sincerity, regular manipulation taken places and issue of trust is another aspect of concerns. The CEO or the body controlling the centralized gaming platform can never be trust, they usually manipulate games in their favour.
2- No transparency in the centralized gaming system, it is purely one sided system whereas things are being manage and control in favour of the body hosting it.
3- Insecurity of user’s fund is another issue of concerns; the centralized gaming system can denied and even run away with a player’s fund. The mode of payment in centralized gaming system is stressful and not that secured.


The blockchain is a decentralized system; so BETHASH implementing it in gaming system will decentralized the gaming industry, gives autonomy to the users and the players and enabling total transparency in the gaming system. In the aspects of fund, blockchain offer the best security to the users fund and making a payment fasters with the help of smart contacts.


BETHASH gaming platform is running on EOS blockchain with different games available i.e the popular Dice game, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots on the way, and Jack. The BETHASH gaming platform offer regular lottery to the users of the platform and everybody with their traditional token is eligible to enter the lottery and it usually take place within the space of one minutes interval. The lottery is purely decentralized and there is no issue of manipulation, which means anybody can win it.
BETHASH is also a dividends gaming platform. This means that users of this platform can earn passively on BETHASH gaming platform. The players can earn passively by staking games while investors can earn passively by investing on HASH token and hold. The HASH token is the traditional token for BETHASH platform.


The BETHASH gaming platform is the gaming platform that will offer you the best gaming experience you will desire to have; the platform have enough capital to manage the platform till infinity and all activities on this platform is transparent. In BETHASH, no loser (all is win! win!! win!!!) because even though you lose a game you staked, you earn dividend as a payback. So either you play game or invest on the platform, you earn loyalty point we termed ‘HPOINT’. Those that earn the HPOINT can use it to stake game, make you eligible to enter lottery space and finally use it to buy the platform token (HASH).

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