The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world.

Because of the access to the internet we are able to get information about one of the most incredible crypto-project which is known as  Betinreal

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BetinReal is the first AR/VR gambling solution in the world, based on blockchain technology. BetinReal have combined gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. Any time and in any where.

Furthermore, BetinReal was founded by top talents from gambling, gaming, cryptocurrency and technology fields. BetinReal took advantage of different technologies to to make casino games social, interactive, immersive, reliable and fair. BetinReal focused on players needs and preferences to bring them an experience they never had before.

The Goal

The main goal of the platform developers is to create a platform that provides transparency of operations, honesty and instant payments for online casino players and social gambling. In addition, they intend to provide the most realistic environment and experience during gambling by providing the opportunity to use virtual reality glasses and devices that support augmented reality mode for gaming.

The Values

The values Gamers and developers are facing countless problems when it comes to online gaming. The market is mainly centralized and saturated, which leads to entry barriers for developers and lack of initiatives for players. BetInReal provides a solid solution, based on the BIR token, blockchain, development kits and global marketplace.

For Players

Transparency in winnings distribution

Non-delayed payouts

No access to player funds

Fast decentralized gambling

No payment intermediaries

Unified platform

Fairness in RNG based game results

Digital customization

Social interaction

Escrow function

For Developers

No barriers of entry the global market

Fair development cost

Non-Expensive player acquisition

Efficient protection

A growing user base

Financing and talent support

The Ecosystem

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Principle of operation

As depicted in the diagram above, the main participants of BetInReal will be players who prefer gambling, as well as developers involved in the creation of these games and their promotion. Through the use of this platform Blockchain technology, players will receive the following benefits:

Transparency in the distribution of winnings;

The absence of intermediaries in operations;

To ensure a fair outcome in the games;

Possibility to receive payments at any time.

Gambling and online casino developers will get the following benefits from using this platform:

Possibility of simple and easy access to the world market;

Rapidly growing player base;

A decent financial reward for the work;

Effective protection of financial transactions.

The BetInReal platform will become a kind of content market that unites gambling developers, online casino owners, as well as ordinary players.

To attract players, the platform will be available on smartphones and tablets with augmented reality mode, allowing each player to equip their own room with poker tables, roulette tables, slot machines and other gambling games.

Another feature of BetInReal Is the ability to use virtual reality glasses that allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the game. It is worth noting that with the use of this equipment, each player will be able to create their own character, which will be seen by other participants in the game. It is worth noting that these points also allow you to attend other events, as well as create meetings and conferences with other fans of gambling.

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No less attractive and atmospheric game makes Live Dealer, which, though created on the basis of artificial intelligence, but behaves exactly like a real dealer. If desired, each player will be able not only to tell him their stories, but also to start a dialogue with him on absolutely any topic.

It is also worth noting that the BetInReal system has a special device recognition system that automatically determines which device was used to log in: PC, VR glasses or smartphone. In this case, the screen will display the highest quality picture for the used gadget.

The Platform Features

Complete casino game selection

In BetInReal, players will be able to access a full selection of classical and contemporary casino games – slots, roulette, dice, sic bo, blackjack, baccarat and much more!

Fair gameplay

BetInReal uses a fair gambling system that is based on a proof-of-randomness solution and backed by blockchain which enables transparency and auditability.

Social gaming

BetInReal gamblifies well known games, bringing a competitive edge and fun to a new level. The combination of gambling and gaming creates a unique and entertaining experience that expands market opportunities for players, developers and the platform.

Instant bets and payouts

With the use of BIR tokens and the state channel transaction protocol, BetInReal enables instant betting and immediate payouts of winnings.

Incentivized Engagement

BetInReal offers a host of gamified incentives and opportunities to sustain active player engagement with the platform and it’s community.

Transparent winnings distribution

With the use of blockchain, all key platform information (such as liquidity of winnings payout fund, biggest winnings or house edge can be publicly accountable, ensuring growth in player trust.

Development Kit

Open sources and transparency are the core values of BetInReal, the platform will provide a secure software to implement games. The open-source SDK will enable seamless and verified development and integration of the content. The BetInReal development kit will be compatible with popular game engines such as Unity and others. VR/AR software development kits will transform gaming into highly a immersive experience.

Gambling with AR/VR immersion

BetInReal innovates 3D immersion solutions using virtual and augmented Reality technologies to create a unique online gambling experience.

Internal exchange and fiat payments

The exchange will be built to facilitate transactions with the BIR token within a global crypto ecosystem, making an easy-to-use platform for end users. Fiat gateways will be implemented to ensure further adoption by the mainstream content creators and audience.

Token sales and ICO Details

The BetInReal token sale is an initial offering of BIR tokens to prospective plat- form users and project supporters. It is the main method of raising funds neces- sary to make the BetInReal vision to come to life. This token sale is a one-time offering, since no additional tokens will be created in the future.

480,000,000 BIR tokens (53% of total) are offered to token sale participants

Token sale soft cap – $2.000.000

Token sale hard cap – $9.600.000

Accepted currencies – Ethereum (ETH)

Token Distribution

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Funding Distribution

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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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