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Betnomi is a public blockchain which focuses on the problems of the online gambling industry and resolves them with a set of protocols that provides a decentralized, low-cost, transparent and secure gambling experience. To achieve this, Betnomi uses its token and game contract to guarantee users a premium betting experience and superb services across lottery, horse-betting, sports-betting, casino games, digital games and countless more. A smart client also works alongside Betnomi’s protocols, called a Betnomi node, which helps provide users with a safe, seamless and always-on experience in playing all the games they wish to play.

Betnomi develops its industry-level public blockchain to provide the technological basis for its platform. The Betnomi blockchain ecosystem encompasses ledger nodes, P2P networking, a virtual machine for Smart Contracts and a set of rules for token distribution, which includes token reward, payment gateway, digital asset exchange and cross-chain atomic swap.

Betnomi is a blockchain platform with an Application Programming Interface (API) that is suitable for third-party business providers to access through the consensus mechanism and the Betnomi Virtual Machine (BVM). The Betnomi main blockchain uses the Web Assembly (WASM) virtual machine as the default runtime for smart contracts and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) + Delegated Proof-of-stake (DPos) as the consensus mechanism.

The random number from Betnomi blockchain is not just data that can be deduced from the program. Combined with the block hash and zero-knowledge proofs, it is not possible to deduced or predict our random number generator by using an inverse. We refer to this algorithm as Zero Random Algorithm (ZRA).

In addition to ZRA algorithm, the Betnomi blockchain is pre-configured with several other Random Number Generators (RNGs), including Betnomi Random Digital (BRD), dedicated to digital games, Betnomi Random Casino (BRC), dedicated to casino games, and a dynamic probability balance index generator, called Betnomi Dynamic Betting (BDB), which is preset for real-time results such as sports quizzes.


Type: ICO

Token: BNI

Platform: Ethereum

Token Price: 0.0185 USD

Token for sale: 27,500,000 BNI (55%)

Token supply: 50,000,000 BNI

Pre-Sale: 01/25/2019 11:59 p.m. – 01/31/2019 1 a.m.

Token Sale: 02/01/2019 1 a.m. – 02/28/2019 1 a.m.

Investment info

Soft cap: 250,000 USD

Hard cap: 500,000 USD


Restricted countries: No restrictions

Know Your Customer: No

Whitelist: No


25 January 2019 ~ 31 January 2019

30% ~ 40% Bonus

1 February 2019 ~ 28 February 2019

5% ~ 25% Bonus


November 2018

Market Research

Prototype Design

Gambling License

Angel Funding

Brand Registration

White Paper

New Website

Cross-chain & ZKP RNG Design

January 2019

ICO Preparation

Live Now

Game Platform

Betnomi Games

February 2019

Test Network Online

Partial Games Release

Platform Launch

Full Games Release

March 2019

Revenue Share System Development

Revenue Distribution

Internal Exchange Development

External Exchange listing

April 2019

Betnomi MainNet online

Release Betnomi wallet

Release Betnomi contract

Mainnet Token Registration

May 2019

Network Audit

Alpha game protocol

Betnomi Games development

Completion of Betnomi RNG


Rashid Iqbal: Team member

Sorsis Chatwin: Co-founder

Rahul Vyas: Team member

Liviu Craciun: Team member

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