BETTIUM – It’s Decentralized Marketplace For Smart Bets Between Individuals

 BETTIUM Platform is a logical block-chain platform for Peer to Peer based gambling, empowering consumers with a range of innovative capabilities, as-well-as unprecedented dependability, and flexibility, the entire with lowest charges possible. BETTIUM Platform provides users with easy and efficient instruments such as the built-in Artificial Intelligence that analyzes Big Data and permits users to create knowledgeable decisions. Those who favor relying on the knowledge of experts will be capable to subscribe to expertise forecasts, mimic their gambles or even fully entrust funds to a specialist for a little fee. 

 The BETTIUM Platform

At the conclusion of the 20th century, when the Internet technology became a majority commodity, online gambling services made their entrance and rapidly started to proliferate. The age of online gambling dates to 94 when the region of Barbuda and Antigua issued the primary offshore licenses to gambling companies offering internet betting services.The arrival of Internet gambling resulted in a huge expansion that benefited the entire market contributors. Players in a variety of locales gained entrance to book making services across the planet, while book makers saw their overhead fade away as bricks-and-field gun offices became outdated.

Today, the planet is on the verge of the most vital technological revolution since the climb of the Internet: the Block-chain uprising. Block-chain tech is being used to a myriad of varied and pioneering projects in the entire walks of life, providing further greater reliability, transparency, reduced deal costs, improved scaling capabilities, and a lot of other sole advantages.Gambling nowadays has become much more than just an entertainment sector; modern-day gambling is a combination of science, strategy, and cutting-edge tech. The mixing of the blockchain is a reasonable step in providing efficient solutions to issues that have extended plagued the in the sector: trust, scalability, and an inherent lack of clearness.

BETTIUM Platform provides consumers with easy and well-organized tools to analyze Big Data. An AI assistant will permit players to carry out tailor-made gambling planning separately. Those who prefer to trust on the knowledge of professionals will be capable to subscribe to specialize forecasts, imitate their gambles, or even totally entrust funds to a specialist for a small charge.On BETTIUM Platform odds are dogged by the players gambling against all other, not by a 3rd party bookmaker, totalize, or other centralized power. BETTIUM Platform is an analytical ecosystem, not a mediator, providing influential services and data tools to assist players to make knowledgeable decisions. With some clicks of the computer mouse, a part-time can gamble like an expert, forecasting and gain on par with field leaders. BETTIUM Platform’s charges are minuscule compared to conventional bookmakers 0.15 percent vs. 8 to 10 percent – which will incentivize group migration to the system.BETTIUM Platform is a game-changer. Their functionality levels the playing sector among amateurs and experts, opening a planet of possibilities for each day users in every corner of the world. The world of gambling is a wealth trove waiting to be wide open – and BETTIUM Platform is the key.

 What problems does the project solve?

Below are the identified problems. Increase in the company’s liabilities: points that are not used are recorded as liabilities. Due to the fact that customer points are becoming less and less in demand, the company’s liabilities are becoming more significant and have a negative impact on their financial assessments. Low performance loyalty program: this is due to the low use of scores, the company can not achieve the performance of the loyalty program, as expected. Low productivity, how to put social costs for the client and business

Complexity of control points: on average 29 programs are registered, different, so it is difficult to control points and leads to the fact that the glasses expire. The profit will be provided by this platform. Both users and enterprises can use the platform chair. Users can exchange their points for Bettium Tokens (BETT) or use their points in Shop Point. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels for access to advertising from interested companies.

Bettium Wallet allows you to simultaneously manage and integrate several partners at once. The company has access to more customers, which allows them to quickly sell their products at the pointer. Bettium exchange models help companies to effectively reduce their liabilities. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using Bettium’s filing and storage assignments.


  • No limit on bets, even those with high odds
    Ultra-Low Commissions
    Bettium’s 0.15% fee per deal is far lower than the 7-10% charged by traditional bookmakers
    All Statistics and Analytics In One Place
    All detailed analysis and data tools appear in a single user window
    Instant Payouts
    All payments, deposits and transactions in tokens are powered by blockchain and occur instantly
    Reliability and Transparency
    Smart contracts make all transactions between users secure and transparent, from the very inception of the platform
    Uninterrupted Operation 24/7
    The system is completely autonomous, independent of third parties, and decentralized, reducing the risk of technical failures to near-zero
    Unique Functionality
    Bettium supports multiple functionality tailored to the individual, allowing the user to customize a personal interface based on sporting choices, bet volumes, regular peers, preferred analytical tools, and more
    Levelling the Playing-Field
    Bettium provides unique professional capability previously unavailable to ordinary users. In our universe every player is a professional, endowed with the same ability, with access to the same tools.

Ico and Token details

  •  Total Tokensupply
    1 000 000 000 BETT
    Soft Cap
    7 500 000 USD
    Hard Cap
    30 000 000 USD
    Initial price
    1 BETT = 0,05 USD
    Payment methods accepted
    BTC, ETH
    Ethereum – ERC20
  • 7.5% Private Sale
    7.5% PreSale
    40% TokenSale
    5% Bonus
    15% Reserve
    20% Founders & Team
    0.5% Bounty
    3% Advisors


40% Platform Development
17% Tournaments
15% Marketing
13% Legal Support
5% Research
10% Operational Costs

Team members


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