The world has evolved significantly from what we use to know to a more digital society today. Omni-screen users have continuously grown and we have so many people using smartphones, tablets and computers in their daily lives. Our lives today is becoming very dependent on this digital devices as we constantly make use of them when carrying out our daily activities like shopping online, playing games, paying bills and also information gathering. Our hunger for information is one thing no human can shy away from, a large number of the world’s population today constantly search for more information about most of the things we come across while watching video content. This search right now can only be done manually has there is obviously no link between our screens and our personal devices and this sometimes can be difficult and time wasting.

bss w.JPGWhat if that missing link between our screen and personal devices is provided, that link that lets you access more details about things like movies, music video, adverts, Tv shows and whatever is being shown on your TV screen. I bet you are excited already, well this doesn’t just stop as an idea, because a team of experts is making this a reality. They are introducing that link which they call Beyond Seen Screen (BSS). The BSS gives users the chance to scan any video content being displayed on their screen and easily get more information about the content just by focusing your smartphone to the video content. The team is also introducing a unique token, the Beyond Seen Screen tokens (BSSX) are utility tokens that can be used both within and outside the Beyond Seen Screen platform. Within the BSS, tokens can be used to pay for services, and outside of the BSS tokens can be used to pay for merchandise in online shops


Name: BSSX
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 340,050,000 BSSX
Crowdsale start date: Q2 2018
Crowdsale end date: Q2 2018
Softcap: 2,000 ETH
Hardcap: 18,000 ETH
Currency accepted: ETH
Minimum participation amount: 0.1 ETH
Bonus details: Pre-sale (40%), Stage 1 (20%), Stage 2 (10%), Stage 3 (0%).
ICO DATE: To Be Announced Soon


What Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) is introducing is what I call the future. This feature is unbeatable, it is clearly going to change and simplify how we gather information. I urge everyone to buckle up and get ready for the next big thing to hit our digital world, please don’t miss out in the BSS ICO which is coming soon. Please if you find this project promising which I bet you do and you feel the need to get more insight about it, get to know or connect with the team, advisors and other participants around the world. Please click on any of the following links below;



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