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new screens combine with video conversations. We offer two services. On the one hand, it provides viewers with an interactive, mysterious layer of information connected to the video content they are watching. Production and advertising companies, on the other hand, can be creative and engage viewers in new ways. Create new revenue streams as a by-product.
The Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) allows you to quickly and easily get information about the content you are scanning and viewing video content on your smartphone or tablet. Just focus your smartphone on video content and get the information you want. It’s simple.
Suppose you are watching a movie on TV based on a true story and you are interested in the details of such a true event. Or music video, I would like to know where to find the artist’s tour and where to buy the concert tickets. Or you may want to quickly reach the recipes you are preparing for your favorite cooking show. If anyone thinks that such infotainment should be easily obtained, we will think like us. We thought about it, then made it.
How it Works
With the Beyond Seen Screen web application, content providers such as video producers, marketing agents, and so on can connect additional information to video content and make that additional information layer accessible to content viewers. Content viewers can use the Beyond Seen Screen mobile app to scan videos from locations where they recognize videos on the platform and to provide viewers with information from content providers.
Technology The
Beyond Seen Screen platform infrastructure was developed and deployed in the cloud. Android mobile applications and admin / customer portals are also developed and functional. Extensive testing has been performed in various environments. This test proved that technology works for users in the real world. Through testing, the Beyond Seen Screen was able to reach TRL 7 (technical readiness level) in April 2017.
The Team
Beyond Seen Screen team consists of experts, enthusiasts and creative explorers who can take great strides to dream about new inventions and technologies that will improve our lives. Beyond Seen Screen is planning new areas in the world of video content, interaction and marketing.
Mario Drevenšek, CEO
Mario is an experienced general manager with extensive experience in the broadcast industry. He earned a university degree in Electrical Engineering, Wireless Communications and Professional Electronics. Mario has also successfully completed an Executive MBA program.
Miroslav Zarić, COO
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Miroslav is a highly motivated professional with a wide range of skills. His leadership experience and creative approach to work drive his business and show interest in the growth and development of sound business processes. Miroslav pursues superior quality in supporting customers and maintaining peace of mind.
Krešimir Puljić, CTO
Krešimir is an experienced software development leader with a strong background in software development. He holds a degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Zagreb. Krešimir has been providing high performance and scalable software for over 15 years. He has successfully led the quality management and software development team.
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