BIDIUM ” Advance Auction with Freelance Hiring “

It is found in a research that 34.3% of eBay sellers earn under $10,000 in a year while at Amazon it’s only 9% sellers. In addition to this, just 3.9% of eBay sellers make over a million dollars in a year as compared to 16.7% of Amazon sellers. It is also found that only 2.1% of sellers make above $10 million revenue in a year from Amazon marketplace. 20% of sellers are trying to expand on eBay, Etsy, Newegg as the percentage of Amazon moves down to 6.2%. There is another potential market of freelance which is needed to be explored, there are over 53 million people doing freelancing work in the U.S and this is an aggregate of 34% of the national workforce. The contribution of people that do freelancing, to the economy is estimated to be $715 billion. It has been indicated in the research that 32% of freelancers have experienced an increase in recent years while 15% have experienced a decrease.

Bidium is a p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform which is decentralized in nature and it has the feature of advance auction with freelance hiring on top of blockchain technology. For buyers, acts as bidding marketplace so that buyers can purchase by bidding, and it also acts as the freelance platform to employers those who are looking to hire freelancers. This platform provides an opportunity to save the time for buyers and sellers by providing the limited time of 24 hours to bid any product. The sellers will have major benefit of 50% Ad profit shares whether their products are sold or not sold, and if the products are sold then buyers will also entitle to receive 30% of Ad profit shares. There is profit for both the sellers and buyers. Another important feature of this platform is Freelancing, and there is a suitable exchange solution along with effective freelance platform backed with an interactive so that users can have a wonderful experience.


Fully decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain applications, which allows the use of network on peer to peer basis.
Customers can do the transaction at their preferred time in the marketplace, and community market makers can purchase crypt currency for cash.
The service provided is very cost effective as compared to other payment services.
Transfer of money regulated by the smart contract with an effect of immediate payment. offer an effective and simple p2p payment and it has integrated mobile wallet which is generally for receiving and sending the payment in a secured and improved manner.

Token Specification:

Bidium uses the BIDM token for the secured transaction on ecosystem; its technology provides an easy interface with light and fast trading. 50% of the revenue from trading fee is typically distributed among all BIDM token holders that are stored on BIDIUM wallet if they fixed their tokens in a slot period.

Token Name: Bidium

Ticker: BIDM

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BIDM

ICO Start Date 25th May 12 pm IST

ICO End Date 23rd June 12 pm IST

Token Price (Crowdsale): $0.02USD

Currencies Accepted BTC and ETH

Minimum Purchase Limit: $50 USD

Maximum Purchase Limit: $10000 USD

ICO Softcap 3 Million USD

ICO Hardcap 10 Million USD

Unsold Token will be destroyed.

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