BIDIUM is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that combines the power of Advanced Auction with Hiring Freelance over Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding market for buyers who buy with offers and free platforms for companies that want to hire freelancers. This network definition uses a somewhat unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, having a balance value and an investment process that has a higher return than the capital required in modern digital asset trading.

An independent platform for user conformance where interactive viewing is easy for users. 50% of the profits from trading will be distributed to the BIDIUM wallet holder. This platform offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to save time because there is a 24-hour limited time to bid on any product in a safe place. While paying only 0.1% fee for services using their original coins.

BIDIUM is proposed as a completely decentralized exchange by utilizing already existing blockchain application. Decentralization allows the use of network on peer-to-peer basis. Each individual user of Auction and Freelance platform will have their own copy of data.

This platform provides a complete exchange solution along with an efficient free platform that is supported with an interactive interface to make it an enjoyable experience for the user. Revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token owners that are typically stored on a BIDIUM wallet. This platform facilitates fast and light trading techniques with 50% of revenue generated from the deal. There are no transaction fees for selling, buying, hiring and trading on BIDIUM platform users.



The benefits of the BIDM token include:

  • Hierarchical – Allows each connection on a binary platform. It also increases the deal in the network.
  • Functionality – The BIDM Token provides access to binary markets for which he or she can access services at any time. In addition, digital currency can be converted into Fiat cash.
  • The ability to pay – The absence of arbitration reduces the cost of services.
  • Immediate Payments – By using smart contracts, the BIDM token ensures that the transaction is fast and secure.
  • Earn 50% Profit Share, regardless of whether their products are sold or not and if their products are sold, even buyers will also get 30% and profit sharing if the product is sold.
  • Safety Wallet – In addition to securely storing the BIDM tokens, wallets can be used to send and receive money.


  • Decentralization enables the use of peer-to-peer networks.
  • BIDIUM tokens may be transferred to the other two parties as payment of goods and services after bidding.
  • Compared to other payment services that require large procedures & large transaction fees, BIDIUM tokens are cost effective and minimize the time.
  • Enable the transfer of money with the help of smart contracts arranged.
  • BIDIUM uses an integrated mobile wallet that basically accepts and sends payments.
  • BIDIUM uses an integrated mobile wallet which is basically to receive and send payment.



BIDIUM is proposed as a completely decentralized exchange by utilizing already existing blockchain application. All data and multimedia uploads will be stored on the blockchain. Decentralization allows the use of network on peerto-peer basis. Each individual user of Auction and Freelance platform will have their own copy of data.


Transactions will be done by the customer at their preferred time in the marketplace; Cryptocurrency can also be sold to our community market makers for cash. The BIDIUM token can be transferred to two other parties as payment for goods and services after bids for freelance service. The converted cash will not be treated as an available balance. The total system is produced by the same amount. Cost Effective Service: As compared to other payment services that require large procedures and huge transaction fee, the BIDIUM token is cost effective and minimizes time wastage. This is because the platform is created in a very fast and efficient blockchain network. You will only be charged little or no amount thereby making you deploy a payment service of your own.

Immediate Payment

This is another unique feature that is associated with BIDIUM platform that it enables the transfer of money with the aid of smart contracts that are regulated. There are certain procedures that will aid you to keep the address of the receiver in mind. The BIDIUM ensures the transfer without any problem. This makes the transfer of money a seamless exercise.

Peer to Peer Payment services

Peer to Peer payment service seems to be the most popular and updated form of payment. Other payment services are also trying to create this type of payment. The Bidium platform offers an effective and simple peer to peer payment that is fast, free and easy. Peer to Peer gives the opportunity of making a direct transfer without involving any middleman.

Secure Wallet

BIDIUM uses integrated mobile wallet which is basically for the receiving and sending of payments. This shows that you will be able to transfer funds for payment of goods and services in the bid marketplace in a secured and improved manner without requiring any document or possessing a bank account. The user needs to have a BIDIUM token blockchain address that is working. BIDIUM token account wallet will be able to hold standard tokens. BIDIUM technology will allow users to convert between tokens seamlessly straight from their account.

Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, in accordance with PCI DSS standards. Fast order execution, low spreads, access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs. Monitor exchange activity 24/7/365. Their job is to report and block suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.


  • Token Name : Bidium
  • Ticker BIDM
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000 BIDM
  • ICO Start Date 25th May 12pm IST
  • ICO End Date 23rd June 12pm IST
  • Token Price (Crowdsale) 0.02 USD
  • Currencies Accepted BTC and ETH
  • Minimum Purchase Limit 50 USD
  • Maximum Purchase Limit 10000 USD
  • ICO Softcap 3 Million USD
  • ICO Hardcap 10 Million USD
  • Unsold Token Destroyed

The financial boom in the cryptocurrency world has led to immense interest by investor all over the globe who wishes to have a taste of the cryptocurrency cake. This interest of investors in the cryptocurrency industry has led to a commensurate increase in the number of ICOs and the creation of tokens. Our ICO project provides a distinct approach to exquisite fund allocation mechanisms and token distribution.


45% of the funds will be allocated for the development while 30% of the funds will be allocated for marketing. To execute all legal procedures will have 5% of the funds and 15% will be allocated for reserves. The Management includes advisors and founders, will have 5% of the total funds.



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