BigBreak101 EXPERIENCED ICO SERVICE PROVIDER and mining partner since 2011.

Bigbreak101 served as Grey Cardinal to many startups and ICOs and helped hundreds of companies reach at least soft cap thanks to our technical and marketing expertise.

But BIGBREAK101 ( ) will not only be a global network of business projects, BIGBREAK101 ( ) is intended to become a global initiative that aims to influence the creation of environments where individuals They can join projects and objectives within sustainable development.

Blockchain and AI solutions implemented for:

Blockchain Fintech solution,Health care blockchain solution,Blockchain Insurance Solution,Copyright Blockchain Solutions ,Blockchain Logistics Solution,Blockchain Gaming solution,and Blockchain Amal solution.


AI for Customer Support:

The easiest and most obvious application of artificial intelligence is launching chatbot. The word “bot” may have a negative connotation to some of you, who have heard about bots used by hackers, but chatbots are different, and are quickly disrupting the customer support sphere. Here is why you should get one ASAP:


Currently Chatbots can support customers during booking, renting, shopping, and researching. A recent study found that 90% of potential customers need guidance before making a purchase. This makes real-time 24-hour support for the customer a high priority. It is too costly to set up a 24/7 human helpline, due to the high cost and limited working hours in different timezones. With well trained chatbot your customers won’t feel a difference between the help of a human or a bot.

This system provides the investor with a tangible value, creates levels of security and gives stability to the project. All actions of BIGBREAK101 ( ) will be transparent, so we make sure that BIGBREAK101 ( ) will be positioned to create constant revenue streams consistent with the potential for a Accelerated growth.

BIGBREAK101 ( ) is therefore a breeder of the future ICOs that will arrive, in addition to a remarkable project within the blockchain

Without a doubt a promising idea, if you want to know more and you have been wanting to know more technical details of the project, you can contact the team in telegram or through its website.

As for your social networks, here you can contact them for any questions you may have and they will be happy to assist you:
Steemit: https: // steemit .com / @ bigbreak101

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