Guys, today I’d like to talk about technology. How many technologies need crypto world?And how much we need cryptocurrency.
We can observe the emergence of a large number of innovative technologies, which perfectly combines the quality of the platform with a high level of technology implementation in society, as well as already thought out and good integration system, and then we will be able to find ways for better solutions in the future, which will be created to control the entire quality of the ecosystem and the subsequent growth of the community, and the emergence of a product with high cost so that would affect all users, as convenient for learning and obtaining the necessary knowledge.
The integration of technologies and combinations also affects the quality of the project at the start, and in a global context affects the development infrastructure and contributes to the growth of the future project.

At the moment, the demand for cryptocurrencies is very high, so it will lead to an improvement in the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency market, and hence an increase in prices in the future, as well as a process of improving the quality of work, and then will be equipped with a strong security system based on blockchain technology, which will very well affect transactions in the ecosystem, and then – the growth of the community of stakeholders.


BILLLCRYPT is an excellent platform with the best concept present on the market at the moment, because the project has the ability to very well solve all the quality issues of functional and management integration system, and then to ensure the growth of the community in the future, as well as the growth of the product cost, it is worth noting that BILCRYPT solutions are decentralized in the network to improve the management and control of risks, as to ensure that all customers feel comfortable and can contribute to this platform.

The combination of technological integration is now seen in Blockchain technology, an improvement that also makes the ecosystem and improves the quality as well as speed of operation, and create a comfortable environment for all users.

BILLCRYPT has a good base for infrastructure management, and the system is guaranteed, so it will improve the project in the future.

BILLCRYPT will continue to develop the business, and then in the future BILLCRYPT will improve both decentralized and organizational management, and then a product that will grow in any sector and benefit all segments of society.

Features of BILLCRYPT

• BILLCRYPT is a solution to provide the best quality on a worldwide universal decentralized platform, with the development of technology and improving the quality of the integration system, community growth and product growth.

• BILLCRYPT is a guaranteed trust system to have a good team with experience creating and using smart contracts that will also help make your ecosystem using blockchain technology to improve BILLCRYPT.

Information about the token

BILLCRYPT is an ERC20 service token.
At the moment, BILLCRYPT announced the price of 1 BILC = $ 1, and for the period of Pre-Sale price 1BILC = $0.75
Minimum purchase during pre-sale period 20 000 BILC / 100 ETH
More information about the sale of tokens can be found on the official website of the project


The project team is led by an experienced investor and a person who has extensive experience in participating in various blockchain projects.
Evgeny Kulikov, founder and CEO of BILLCRYPT, head of the group of private investors Fund Rich-Invest.image.png
Sergey Lutsenko, business development Director.
Daniel Grig, managing Director, the coordinator of the technical teams.
Zahid Imran, investment banker, chief Advisor, ICO expert, representative in UAE.
Get acquainted at the link:

I think this project has a very good future. The implementation, though difficult , but possible. And this product is really needed by society. Success will not take long, development will be fast and rapid. And I think the faster you take part in the project, the more your winnings will be.

More information can be found on the project website:
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