Hi everybody! Have you been familiar with blockchain technology? If you have been familiar with it. Now, it is time to get more understanding about the new platform in blockchain called Billcrypt! Let’s get started!

In recent years, technology all over the world is tremendously developing. New technologyis also developed in the field of the banking system, investment and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is using the same method with blockchain that is decentralization which means as the unchangeable system. It is very difficult to be changed because if one party is changed, all must begin from the beginning. In other words, it cannot be changed only unilaterally.

Now, blockchain shows us the newest platform which is called Billcrypt. It is a wide-reaching decentralized linking framework for Blockchain-Representative workplaces (BR).

In other words, it is creating a global universal decentralized platform BILLCRYPT pl which stands as a multifunctional Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists and products. Billcrypt comes to create a universal investment interblock chain infrastructure of technological and economic properties, mingling the projects of blockchain. Moreover, it can elucidate the integrating existing problem and new business in blockchain circumstance and create a related trust. Billcrypt uses Ethereum Blockchain, which means that the Billcrypt currency is based on the ERC-20 Standard. It is functioned to make the whole potential investment of platform and ecosystem effectively.

Here interesting video review about BILLCRYPT:


Billcrypt is coming together with 3 new concepts as the following:
• Blockchain Representation
• Virtual Image Part
• Initial VIP Offering

In this below part, we will explain them in more detail:

1. Blockchain Representation (BR)

On the Billcrypt platform, Blockchain Representation is its software package of decentralized applications (DApp), fulfilled in the standard form for BR holders on the cabinet principle on the site, where the holder performs all actions and settings.

Billcrypt br.png

The external part of the BR is hired in the appropriate thematic section of the platform and is available to all customers. There, customers can get all trustworthy information about the holders of the BR and perform the actions they need (buying and selling goods or services of the owners of BR, their tokens and ViP, contribute in promotions and carry out orders, receiving remuneration for it).

At the software level, BR is a DApp complex that withdraws access to the holder’s blockchain resources on the platform and incorporation of the company’s own external blockchain resources (if there is a necessity) with the platform and afterwards with the global blockchain.

2. Virtual Image Page (VIP)

The second concept of Billcrypt is VIR (Virtual image Page) is generated in the Blockchain-the representation of the resulting page, which on the root of constantly confirm the data stored in the Blockchain, to generate a purely visual image, presenting the state of Affairs, the status and the BR’s owner reputation. This data generates additional value for the BR owner’s business.

The owner of BR can divide his/her all-inclusive virtual image into any number of parts, decide the cost of 1 ViP and sell them to the platform users. Therefore, its owner will get additional funds for their business development. As a result, the market value of ViP increased. Moreover, they can also produce and associate their tokens and conduct Crowdsale on the platform so they will affect each other’s exchange rate value. Hence, the Billcrypt innovative economic system and the BILC token needs evolutionary development.

Let say that a virtual image is a graphical representation that is analyzed by the whole available information systemin the blockchain about business, goods or services served by the BR’s owner.

For instance, the system, according to the trustworthy information stored in the blockchain about the company, its assets, inventory, sales dynamics and other activities, independently controls the ratings, profitability for the past period, and the security investment level.

If BR goes to a product, the system investigates all information about it (production time, delivery way, consumer demand volume, sales number, customer satisfaction, etc.).
If BR is opened for a service, the system investigates all its parameters (the beginning of the action, the service volume for the period, price dynamics, customer satisfaction, etc.).

3. Initial VIP Offering (IVO)

The last brought concept by Billcrypt is IVO — Initial ViP Offering Currently. This is very not easy to decide the information reliability about any object or subject, whether it is a company or a specialist in any field, or product. This run into difficulties in making a decision. For many years of working in the investment field, we also often faced the financing promising problem and even breakthrough businesses. Frequently, the reasons they are in a complex and protracted decision-making process, excessive administration by potential institutional investors. Even with the occurrence of the possibility of attracting investment in the crypto market, the problem of conviction remains extremely relevant.

Billcrypt, as professionals with many years of experience, recognize, for the reason that they have to carry out comprehensive, painstaking work on assessing potential projects, not always having confidence in trustworthy information, even if this business is already operated. To look for among the many real projects, deserving not only attention but also real investments, you need to be able to find such promising projects and spend effort, money and a lot of time. Blockchain permits to implement the principle of maintaining absolute data reliability without the contribution of any human factors. Therefore, Billcrypt decided to make a platform — a blockchain system add-on, which will resolve these problems with its conceptual approaches, technologies and functionality.

In short, this article is aimed to write the three brought new concepts by Billcrypt, such as BR, ViP, and IVO. Here, we provide you with each classification. They are functioned to rapidly and reliably assess the represented businesses, and make profitable investment decisions. For ordinary users, it will be the most reliable and the easiest way to select specialists, services, products. Maybe this article is far from perfect, if you want to get further information, you can check these links out:

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