BillCrypt – A decentralized platform that combines blockchain and cryptocurrency


Blockchain security reference architecture that can be applied across blockchain projects and solutions for various industry use cases and deployments that span on-prem and Software as a Service (SaaS) environments. It examines the security risks and threats that are unique to blockchain, and then introduces key blockchain security controls, alongside business controls and conventional security controls.
Having professionals, specialist and unique product is one of the best things life creates for the users. The blockchain stands to make this possible as always in a decentralized fashion, making it suitable and flexible for such projects to emerge. In essence, this has given birth to the systematic and strategic arrival of the Bill-Crypt blockchain cryptocurrency platform.

The platform represents a combination of professionals, expertise, experts and specialists plus superior products all in one decentralized ecosystem. This is the basic paradigm of the ideology and construct of Bill-Crypt for users and society in general.

Bearing in mind, this platform facilitates the resulting accessibility towards a wider range of professionalism at all levels. In addition, crypt-bills facilitate decentralization of a wider reach throughout the world. This makes it unique for users to trade on crypto blockchain tokens. The crypt bill sets the front line variant between managing highly skilled personnel and people globally.

In general, this platform creates more feasibility for users because high or medium professionals in any discipline can interact and share ideas. This makes it a viable platform for experts.




The BillCrypt blockchain Cryptocurrency platform is a combination of decentralization, professionalism, synergy, integrity, focus, and a wider range of professional interface platforms using the cryptocurrency token paradigm or framework for its operations. This platform basically represents the very nature of professionalism and collaboration on the crypto-token blockchain for all processes. This platform defines the essence of security, broad reach, and also the creation of wealth through idealization on one note or one place. This platform further builds links and needs so that users can display skills there and be leased through the platform. Additionally, professional platform users can be paid via a crypt-token. In addition, users can connect, chat, interact, integrate, and share ideas about various projects among themselves. Thus giving encouragement to synergize between them.

In essence, bill-crypt represents a blockchain architecture like no other for professionals with payment processing throughout the world in a decentralized way. Furthermore, the crypto token payment process on crypt bills can be used for real-time transactions and transactions.


The bill-crypt is designed and made up of unique set of keys, also known as features that make the platform suitable for users to explore limitlessly in a great way. Below are some of the detailed features of the bill-crypt blockchain platform.

☆ Scalability
The bill-crypt blockchain platform is designed to be uniquely scalable for it’s numerous users. The platform represents a model for which, limitless amount of users can interact, inter-change and integrate among themselves seamlessly on a go. This is done without fuzziness,freezing or slow-ness of any form. This is the relevance of the platform algorithm and structure for users.

The blockchain platform is decentralized in nature. The platform is designed to reach all users, no matter there location or point of settlement globally. Furthermore,with decentralized network is a limitless reach of professionals and experts in general.

☆Blockchain node
The billCrypt uses the decentralized design blockchain for users. The blockchain algorithm creates enormous amount safety and security for the users of the platform globally. The blockchain node prevents the platform from been hacked or intruded upon.

☆ Socialable and Interactive
The bill crypt platform is interactive in nature making it possible for interaction and social integration amongs the users. Thus, a user chat model is established on the platform,making it generally social and interactive in nature for the users.

☆ Transparency
The bill-crypt blockchain platform is designed in a transparent format for users to interact seamless without any form of restriction to dealings and operations in general.


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