Billcrypt (BILC) ICO Review

The development of the Blockchain era has increased the progress of decentralized technology in everyday life.

We are proud to announce that we are the first and only one to offer a universal everyday concept of the blockchain. The Billcrypt pl platform will make the blockchain necessary for everyone

We introduce a new concept:

1. BR — Representation of the Blockchain

2. ViP — Part of virtual image (Part of virtual image)

3. IVO — Viwa Awa Offer

At present, it is very difficult to determine the reliability of information about any object or subject, whether it is a company or a specialist in any field, or a product.

This creates difficulties in decision making. During our years of working in investment, we also often face promising financing problems and even business breakthroughs.


The use of blockchain in real life is chaotic, non-system. Despite the fact that a decentralized system has existed for a long time, and the first blockchain has celebrated this decade, the problem of using Blockchain technology in everyday life still remains relevant. Ordinary users do not use their own blockchain, but use it occasionally, applying for some services, for example, checking the authenticity of documents or when registering rights.

Another problem today for the entire Blockchain industry is the lack of integration, technological fragmentation and project economics. Today, every project survives on its own and, as practice shows, not everyone succeeds. This is especially true for startups.


The best solution for all of these problems is to create a consolidated universal space in the form of an integration platform, a global universal environment — a technological and economic property ecosystem that unites the blockchain (BR). The perfect solution is the BILLCRYPT pl platform.

Every company, professional community, specialist in any field will be able to create their own Blockchain Representation on the platform. BR can also be made for goods and in general for all those who need the reliability of historical information. Thus, on the platform from time to time it will create a large BR catalog united with a visual display of truly reliable information about the status and reputation of the BR owner. This will be a very important indicator that everyone needs to make the right decision.

Use Blockchain

Initially, the BILLCRYPT platform was built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ethereum currently has the largest number of nodes among all blockchain, which makes it the most decentralized.
Blockchain-based Turing Platform.

The main features of the blockchain

• All information entering the block is coded;

• Hashing is a guarantee of the conservation of a block added to a block chain;

• Digital signatures and keys (private and public) protect information from unauthorized access, ensure security in the system, and not be accessible to outsiders.

All information is formed as a data structure and stores various types:

• Identity Management

• Documents

• Management activities

• Business operations

• Transaction Processing

• etc.

Platform architecture

The platform consists of integrated modules with which you can carry out any activity in the project. High level of adaptation — This platform allows BR owners to independently combine various modules to suit their needs.

The modules are composed of special combinations of DApps that are suitable and are divided into several groups:

1. Infrastructure

2. Functional

3. Payment

4. Special

5. Service


BILC Exchange Name Valuable digital assets that are protected by the Smart Contract code of the ERC20 Standard Published on the Ethereum platform. One-time emissions and is limited to 152 000 000 BILC.

Tokens can be shared up to 0.0000000001 BILC. Over time, more BR will be created on the platform, which will require BILC tokens as an internal platform currency for effective development.

BILS will be needed to:

• Payment for goods and services;

• Acquisition of ViP for intra-platform investment;

• For placement on a certain date (holding) of the guarantee amount;

• Withdraw funds from the crypto community for investment in various fields ranging from IT projects to the real sector;

• Payments to users as income;

• Payment of minimum fees for additional platform services in addition to free packages.

BILLCRYPT ITO (Initial Token Offer)

ITO BILLCRYPT participants truly create history, promote the realization of the concept of innovation and the development of the latest technology. The funds raised from the sale of BILC Tokens, through ITO, will be used to finance the creation and development of the BILLCRYPT ecosystem over the next 5 years.


In the initial pre-sale stage at the writing date of this version of the White Paper, the initial investor is converted to BILLCRYPT 7 775 981 USD

TOKEN SALE July 3 — September 30 2019, or when you reach the Hard cap

ITO price — 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH

Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH

Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH

44% of issues = 66,880,000 BILC will be available for sale at ITO


Use of funds

25% — development

25% — marketing

15% — stabilization fund

15% — scaling

10% — team

5% — legal

5% — administrative costs

Project implementation is divided into several stages:

1. Development

2. Fundraising

3. Creating a platform

4. Scaling

5. Integration with other blockchain



The idea to create an integrated multifunction blockchain platform for existing companies, investment projects and investors. Concept formation


Technology, tasks, solutions.

Q2 2018

Project development, economic system and security system; Negotiations and agreement conclusions with project partners, current participants from the investment group; Writing Smart Contracts for BILLCRYPT Tokens; Prepare for pre-sale covered; June 27 launch of BILLCRYPT (test version); Start accepting applications for closed pre-sales, price of 1BILC = $ 0.5

Q3 2018

Testing period; Continue to develop projects, economic systems and security systems; 08 08 2018 BILLCRYPT issues — emissions 152 000 000 BILC Closed pre-sale: price of 1BILC = $ 0.5 Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = $ 5,000 Conversion of investment funds from existing (initial) investors to BILLCRYPT

Q4 2018

Ongoing work on the project and economic system WhitePaper v.1 development completed Making the project site October 18 — starting the final stage of closed pre-sale price 1BILC = $ 0.6 Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000 November 16 — open pre-sale (application acceptance) Price of 1BILC = $ 0.75 Minimum to buy 20,000 BILC = $ 15,000

Q1 2019

Project process modeling; Introduction of BR and ViP terms and concepts; Creating an economic model of innovation; WhitePaper v.2; Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q2 2019

Extension of the BR concept; Systems process modeling; Introduction to IVO terms and concepts (Initial ViP Offer); WhitePaper v.3; Language localization (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) Marketing, PR & advertising before the start of Token Sales; Connect to key figures in the crypto world project; Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q3 2019

ITO from 03.07.2019 € 13:15 UTC Price 1 BILC = $ 1 Legal application for exchange ITO Completion 30.09.2019 05:03 UTC or when the hard cup Completes the BILC Distribution Exchange Exchange List

Q4 2019

Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP Platform Integration with BILLCRYPT External Resources, trade exchanges start BILLCRYPT Economic Development

Q1 2020

Test running BRs on platforms; ViP Testing; Increased market presence;

Q2 2020

Complex work on technical and economic development platforms; Trial launch period for BR & ViP

Q3 2020

for all platform functions; Launching BR with basic functions; Launch of IVO (Initial ViP Offer); Starting from the partnership project platform; Start closed pre-sales of partnership projects from the pool;

Q4 2020

Launched full featured BR; Integration solution; Start an open pre-sale partnership project; Start the ICO partner project 2021 and further expand platform capabilities; BR & BILLCRYPT world expansion

Project team

Evgeny Kulikov
Founder & CEO of BILLCRYPT Head of Rich-Invest Private Investor Group

Siarhei Lutsenka
Director of Business Development

Daniel Grieg
MANAGING TECH Team Coordinator

Zahid Imran
Investment banker, TOP ADVISOR, ICO EXPERT, Representative in the UAE


Our project is actively developing, respectively, this Whitepaper version can be considered unfinished. This will be repaired and added. An updated version will be posted on the project site on time. Nothing in this White Paper can be considered as a prospectus of any kind, an offer or invitation to invest, and is in no way related to an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.

This document is not prepared in accordance with any law or jurisdictional regulation intended to protect investors and is not regulated by them. We do not guarantee profitability, we only evaluate and illustrate the potential of the project and provide expert opinion, which can only be a recommendation, but not a guarantee.

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