BILLCRYPT – Decentralized Blockchain Integration System

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. This technology has powerful impact to various industry field, particularly, in fintech indiustry. In 2016, a report released by Goldman Sachs Investment Research projected that Blockchain Tech Could Save Capital Markets $6 Billion a Year.

Blockchain has been around since the early 2000s and has since been repurposed by Fintech companies creating blockchain applications. Most recently, blockchain has been quietly infiltrating a number of different industries beyond the financial sector, including healthcare, supply chain and entertainment.

The technology creates an open ledger where transactions can be stored both securely and openly. The ledger is immutable, so it cannot change. It’s open, so it’s distributed across multiple networks, allowing people to access it anywhere. And one of the hallmarks of the technology is that data stored on the blockchain is essentially secure, so it can’t be hacked.

Blockchain is uniquely suited to data platforms where there is a need for security and redundancy, both of which can be costly for companies to maintain. But these features are inherently built into the blockchain which allows for recording of transactions, security of transactions, and the ability to make these transactions open on request. Blockchain reduces the amount of overhead companies have to rely on to build a database or data storage and keep redundant systems.

However, among those benefits, blockchain technology still has several challenges. The most worrying is the lack of connectivity among projects in the blockchain space. Most of these projects exist and operate independently without working in partnership with other projects. This may be due to the fact that there is no platform that provides a way in which all can unite and join forces to achieve greater results.


BILLCRYPT comes as a solution. By creating a global universal decentralized platform, BILLCRYPT pl, where every user can create its own Blockchain Representation (BR) in the form of decentralized applications (DApp) on the blockchain with a comfortable interface.

Blockchain Representation is an software package of decentralized applications (DApp) created by users on the BILLCRYPT pl platform, implemented in the usual form for BR owners on the principle of a cabinet on the site, where the owner performs all actions and settings.

The external part of the BR is placed in the appropriate thematic section of the platform and is available to all users. There, users can get all reliable information about the owners of the BR and perform the actions they need (buying and selling goods or services of the owners of BR, their tokens and ViP, participate in promotions and carry out orders, receiving remuneration for it). At the software level, BR is a DApp complex that provides access to the owner’s blockchain resources on the platform and integration of the company’s own external blockchain resources (if there is a need) with the platform and subsequently with the global blockchain.

ViР (Virtual image Page) – Is automatically generated resulting page in the Blockchain Representative office, which on the basis of constantly confirmed data stored in the Blockchain, creates a reliable visual image that reflects the state of affairs, status and reputation of the owner of BR.

BILLCRYPT is such a single comfortable environment aims to unite blockchain projects and projects of the real sector. On this platform, many companies, professional communities, and specialists in any sector will have the opportunity to make their own BR. And, BILLCRYPT will make them easily recognizable because it goes into the BR catalog which will contain real and accurate information about the status of each blockchain project in it.


BILLCRYPT provides numerous benefits for its users. On the BILLCRYPT pl Platform every user will be possible to:

  • Conduct the necessary activities associated with the blockchain;
  • Create their own Blockchain Representation;
  • Select the properties and functions of the BR necessary to collect representative information about business or product;
  • Create BR groups for various products, services and business lines, summarize representative information about each on the main ViP page (Virtual image Page);
  • Choose whether a common ViP should be formed or separate for each product, service, business lines of a single business, or both types of ViP at the same time;
  • Select information flows that will form the ViP;
  • Monetize ViP
  • Tokenize business;
  • Create digital assets;
  • Create additional financial flows for business;
  • Advertise the business;
  • Conduct crowdsales of all types;
  • Conduct a new intra-platform view of crowdsale – IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
  • Find partners and investors, customers and interact with them;
  • Promote each other economically, reaping multiple benefits from this due to the synergy effect;
  • Create and maintain safe and reliable registers (production, storage, transportation, etc.)


The funds needed to start this project will be obtained through an initial token offering where the team will offer BILLCRYPT (BILC) tokens which are the platform’s native tokens for sale. BILC Tokens provide unlimited membership for holders on the platform. The total supply of tokens is 152,000,000 BILC. BILC tokens are created with the ERC20 standard with several use cases on the platform.

Token sale Information

Date: July 03 – Sept. 30, 2019, or when reach Hard cap
Price ITO: 1 BILC = 1 USD / 0.005 ETH
Softcap: 10,000,000 USD / 50 000 ETH
Hardcap: 80,000,000 USD / 400 000 ETH

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