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BILLCRYPT is an open, open-source, multifunctional platform that allows to create Blockchain-Representative offices.
The use of blockchain technology in a project allows to create a verifiable system that is transparent to all participants.
The platform has an intuitive interface implemented in the form of a logical, understandable structured site and associated mobile application.
The platform integrates and operates the system of decentralized applications (DApp), Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and other interaction services.
DApp is a decentralized application on the blockchain, specially designed for specific purposes, performs programmed actions on the blockchain.

It consists of backend and frontend codes. In places of contact with the owners of the BR and users has a user interface created by the frontend-code, which refers to the backend code to perform certain functions. DApps provide interaction between users and the owners of the BR directly, a central server is not required. Fully open source.
DApps user functions can be accessed by multiple users at any time. All functions will be available through web browsers and user-friendly, intuitive mobile applications.

DApps, created by platform developers, are supported by BILLCRYPT pl technical services, for continuous effective automation of processes.
DApps work on algorithms coded Smart contracts related to their functionality. DApps track changes, take into account the reputation and maintain the generated BR status within the platform.

Project description

Registration and storage of any information in the blockchain is an ideal way to use blockchain technology.
Platform that allows any users to create and host the Blockchain Representation offices (BR), where will be accumulated, to be formed and to show in a clear, graphical view of all the properties selected by the owners to display (in detail hereinafter, in the Description section of the Platform)

The aim of the BILLCRYPT project is to create a single global system Blockchain Representation offices – BR

To thus:
• To give everyone the opportunity to accumulate reliable information about themselves as a specialist, about the business, about the created products and goods.
• Build a reputation of unconditional trust and present it in an understandable way to interested customers, partners, contractors, buyers, investors.
• Provide all users with reliable information.
• Monetize reputation and status.
• To create a reliable information environment that allows any business to get a solid foundation for its subsequent tokenization and any types of crowdsales.
• Raise the level of decision-making security to an unprecedented level.

To create a single global space of Blockchain-Representations:

• Provide technological opportunity and integration solutions to various existing and newly created blockchain for connecting to a single global network – new generation Internet – WEB3.0

Create the brand-new economic model:

• Evolutionary BILLCRYPT token with built-in development functions;
• Progressive financial instrument, digital asset value storage with payment functions within the system;
• Mutual settlements and mutual investments between Blockchain representative offices within the platform;
• Payment by users of Blockchain Representation services and goods;
• Privileges for holders;
• Intra-platform new derivative financial instrument ViP, reflecting the reputational value of BR;
• Earning opportunities for ordinary users within the system, performing works and orders offered by Blockchain Representative offices;
• Innovative model of self-financing and self-regulation.

The BILLCRYPT project has set itself big, but realistic and achievable aims:

• Make blockchain technologies understandable, affordable and useful to everyone;
• Build a Platform Blockchain Representative offices with an intuitive interface;
• Create a global multifunctional integration service;
• Intra-platform integration BR-2-BR;
• External integration with other blockchain projects, systems and services;
• Integration with offline businesses, B2B, B2G segments;
• Combining with other technologies;
• Connect adjacent niches and efficiently interact with them;
• Further elaborations to evolve existing solutions;
• Building an innovative, brand-new economic model.

The evolutionary economic model – the development and increase in capitalization of each individual BR naturally develops and increases the total business volume.
BULCRYPT will benefit people around the world by making it easier and safer to interact with the businesses they have invested in.
Companies and businesses will simplify and make reliable relationships with partners and investors.

The BILLCRYPT integration system creates a global trust space, where any the information necessary for making decisions is completely reliable.

The value of Billcrypt’s decentralized infrastructure is in transparency, security and ease of interaction, which is guaranteed to increase the efficiency of each particular business and increase the overall capitalization.

Platform description

BILLCRYPT pl is a global decentralized integration system for Blockchain-Representative offices (BR). A single multifunctional infrastructure uniting Blockchain Representative offices in the form of decentralized applications on the blockchain (DApp).

A unique platform that combines all the advantages of the real world and the virtual space, the familiar Internet and blockchain.

This is the next step in development – a virtual space with real possibilities.

A convenient platform environment with a comfortable interface will allow everyone to most effectively develop their businesses integrated into the system through their own Blockchain Representation.

On the Platform it will be possible:

• To conduct the necessary activities associated with the blockchain;
• Create your own Blockchain Representation;
• Select the properties and functions of the BR necessary to collect representative information about your business or product;
• Select information flows that will form the ViP;
• Create BR groups for various products, services and business lines, summarize representative information about each on the main ViP page (Virtual image Page);
• Choose whether a common ViP should be formed or separate for each product, service, business lines of a single business, or both types of ViP at the same time;
• Monetize ViP
• Tokenize your business;
• Create digital assets;
• Create additional financial flows for your business;
• Advertise your business;
• Attract funding;
• Conduct crowdsales of all types;
• To conduct a new intra-platform view of crowdsale – IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
• Get a ready-made extensive, constantly growing investor base;
• Find partners and investors, customers and interact with them;
• Promote each other economically, reaping multiple benefits from this due to the synergy effect;
• Create and maintain safe and reliable registers (production, storage, transportation, etc.)

Investors will be able to:

• Receive reliable information about projects and companies, about the state of their business;
• Make more accurate investment decisions;
• Participate in crowdsales conducted using the platform on privileged terms.
• Participate in closed rounds.

BILLCRYPT provides participants with ready-made integration solutions and resources:

• Infrastructure and technology for creating and managing virtual Blockchain Representation;
• Ready-made investment management solutions;
• Developers can create their own DApp and connect them to the platform, to receive a reward from the owners of BR.

The platform features will also be useful for analysts, forecasters and consultants.

What is BR (Blockchain Representation)

Blockchain Representation is its own software package of decentralized applications (DApp) on the BILLCRYPT pl platform, implemented in the usual form for BR owners on the principle of a cabinet on the site, where the owner performs all actions and settings.
The external part of the BR is placed in the appropriate thematic section of the platform and is available to all users. There, users can get all reliable information about the owners of the BR and perform the actions they need (buying and selling goods or services of the owners of BR, their tokens and ViP, participate in promotions and carry out orders, receiving remuneration for it).
At the software level, BR is a DApp complex that provides access to the owner’s blockchain resources on the platform and integration of the company’s own external blockchain resources (if there is a need) with the platform and subsequently with the global blockchain.

ViР (Virtual image Page) – Is automatically generated resulting page in the Blockchain-Representative office, which on the basis of constantly confirmed data stored in the Blockchain, creates a reliable visual image that reflects the state of affairs, status and reputation of the owner of BR.
This data creates additional business value for the BR owner.

VIR (Virtual image Page) Is automatically generated in the Blockchain-the representation of the resulting page, which on the basis of constantly reaffirm the data stored in the Blockchain, to create a pure visual image, presenting the state of Affairs, the status and reputation of the owner of BR.
This data creates additional value for the br owner’s business.


These factors will stimulate the development of collective investment. Smart contracts provide virtually unlimited possibilities for structuring rights to objects and investment projects, and this will help to construct various crowdfunding formats. The lack of banking regulation and compliance in the case of investments through the Platform potentially allows BR owners to collect funds cheaper and not be burdened with excessive administration, and this reduces costs and increases profitability.

Use Blockchain

Initially, the BILLCRYPT platform is building on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ethereum currently has the largest number of nodes among all blockchains, which makes it the most decentralized.
Blockchain based Turing platform.

Key features of the blockchain

• All information entering the block is encoded;
• Hashing is a guarantee of the immutability of a block added to a block chain;
• Digital signatures and keys (private and public) protect information from unauthorized access, ensure security within the system, and inaccessibility to outsiders.

Thus, the data is stored in the blockchain and protected by strong encryption using a digital signature.
The process of writing data to a block is a one-time process. It cannot be changed by any means.

All information is formed as a data structure and stores their various types:
• Identity Management
• Documents
• Management activities
• Business operations
• Transaction Processing
• etc.

Safety action

Each block in the blockchain has a hash value that acts as a unique identifier. No two block identifiers can be identical. This means that the block data cannot be changed,  ince the value of the hash function will change. In addition, all information stored in the block is also protected by cryptography. Data can be unlocked only to those who created it first. A private key is required to access the data.

Transactions that are stored in a block are digitally signed and, therefore, once saved, cannot be changed, giving the block the necessary integrity and transparency if necessary.

Platform architecture

The platform consists of integrated modules with which you can conduct any activity in the project.
High level of adaptability – The platform allows BR owners to independently combine different modules to fit their needs.
The modules are assembled from special combinations of matched DApps and are divided into groups:
• Infrastructure
• Functional
• Payment
• Specialized
• Service

Platform architecture.jpg

The algorithms that are being created are based on natural evolution, based on user needs, and will be able to automatically construct Smart contracts, combining various tasks, components and behavioral models.
With the help of DApps, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes are implemented and accompanied. The number of simultaneously participating users is unlimited.

BILLCRYPT Token, Exchange Name BILC

Valuable digital asset protected by Smart Contract codes of the ERC20 Standard
Issued on the Ethereum platform.
One-time emission and limited to the amount of 152 000 000 BILC.
The token can be divided up to 0.00000001 BILC.

Deflationary financial model – the introduction of limited rounds to the market, the redemption of tokens from profits, the smart contract has a function of burning tokens by the founders in order to protect the market value.

If necessary, it can be transferred to other platforms in the future while preserving the total number of tokens on all platforms.

Each BILC token provides unlimited membership on the BILLCRYPT.
Long-term holders receive privileged membership on the platform.

The evolutionary token BILLCRYPT is a modern, innovative, high-tech and highly profitable way of investing. It is a key component of the system that provides internal mutual settlements.

The BILLCRYPT digital asset is stored in the Ethereum blockchain and will persist indefinitely, even in the event of a global scale catastrophe, until at least one node of the blockchain network of many existing around the world will work.
All nodes are equal and independent. Data is kept decentralized and distributed throughout the network. The system does not have a single owner who could manage it independently. Any changes in the system can occur only if most of the nodes accept and confirm these changes.
Access to a digital asset BILC is carried out from anywhere in the world, in the presence of the Internet.

BILLCRYPT digital asset can also be stored on cold wallets in the absence of the Internet.

BILС is both a digital asset of value storage and privileged club card, which provides access to the project functions, and a kind of ticket to enter the closed pre-sales, and the internal digital currency, which you can buy new digital assets in the form of ViP and tokens of other projects.

Each such token, in turn, also gives significant privileges to the holders and users and increases their welfare.

BILC can be placed on exchanges, as well as freely trading, exchanging, renting and leasing them. Many exchanges provide an additional opportunity to rent tokens on flexible terms. Thus, the BILLCRYPT token will be traded and rented on many exchanges. 

The use of BILС by Blockchain Representations for mutual settlements with the granting of mutual privileges will create a regular turnover of funds and increase the constant demand for BILC.

Over time, more and more BRs will be created on the platform, which will require BILC tokens as an internal platform currency for effective development.

BILS will be needed for:
• Payment for goods and services;
• ViP acquisitions for intra-platform investment;
• For placement on certain dates (holding) of guarantee amounts;
• Attracting funds from the crypto community for investments in a wide range from IT projects to the real sector;
• Payments to users as earnings;
• Payment of minimum fees for additional services of the platform in addition to the free

Financial flows and platform revenues:
1. Users purchase BILLCRYPT for storage and future use. To create savings in order to preserve the value of their funds.

2. BRs issue and implement on the Platform the tokens of their projects (companies) for users of the platform for BILLCRYPT, providing privileges, discount prices, bonuses, better conditions, or for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency, but without privileges. Thus, the demand for BILLCRYPT is formed, which influences its exchange and purchase price. To obtain privileges, the investor can purchase any amount of BILLCRYPT in advance and keep the necessary amount until the right moment.
3. Investors will be able not only to acquire project tokens, but also to develop real business itself, for example, opening new branches in the real world as a partner. This can be called the next, advanced stage of franchising development. This will also create additional financial flows for BILС.
4. Users of the platform can perform certain work on the instructions of Blockchain
Representative offices (instructions and technical tasks, creating Smart contacts, collecting information, advertising, participation in promo and bounty programs, etc.). These works are paid in BILC.
5. Using BILLCRYPT to acquire a part of a virtual image Virtual image Part – ViP, which is a derivative rating reflection of a real object.
6. Rent BILLCRYPT. Holders of tokens can rent them to other users, for a fee. Users can use leased BILLCRYPT tokens at their discretion, paying rent to holders.
7. Operating activities. The platform makes a profit in the form of commissions. From owners of BR for hosting, additional functionality and services of the integration system. From users for the privileges provided and the use of Platform resources for commercial relationships. Commissions can be redeemed in payment for services and tasks performed by users.
8. Investment platform activities. The platform, based on the analysis of Virtual Images of Companies, automatically makes investment decisions on investing funds from the reserve fund into BR digital assets.
9. Proceeds from the sale of tokens obtained through barter exchange from other projects and their BR.
10. Receipts from advertising on the platform

Every month, 80% of the net profit of the platform will be used to form the BILC buyback fund. As a result, additional demand will be created. Increasing profits in this way will constantly create a solvent demand for BILC tokens, which, according to the laws of the market, will lead to an increase in its value. It is also worth understanding that investors who save BILC tokens for a longer period of time will eventually be able to sell them at higher prices.

More info on:



Use of funds

Use of funds.jpg


The emergence of the idea to create a unified multi-functional blockchain platform for existing enterprises, investment projects and investors.

Concept formation;
Technologies, tasks, solutions.

Q2 2018
Development of the project, the economic system and security system;
Negotiations and conclusion of agreements with project
partners, current participants of the investment group;
Writing a Smart Contract for Token BILLCRYPT;
Preparing for closed pre-sale;
June 27 launch of BILLCRYPT (test version);
Start of accepting applications for closed pre-sale, price
1BILC = $ 0.5

Q3 2018
Test period;
Continuing the development of the project, the economic system and the security system;
08 08 2018 issue BILLCRYPT – emission 152 000 000 BILC
Closed pre-sale: price 1BILC = $ 0.5
Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 5,000
Conversion of investment funds from existing (early) investors to BILLCRYPT

Q4 2018
Continuing work on the project and economic system
WhitePaper v.1 development finished
Creating a project site
October 18 – start of the final stage of the closed pre-sale Price 1BILC = $ 0.6
Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000
November 16 – open pre-sale (acceptance of applications)
Price 1BILC = $ 0.75
Minimum to purchase 20,000 BILC = $ 15,000

Q1 2019
Project process modeling;
Introduction of terms and concepts of BR and ViP;
Creating innovation economic model;
WhitePaper v.2;
Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q2 2019
BR concept extension;
Modeling of system processes;
Introduction of term and concept of IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
WhitePaper v.3;
Language localization (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
Marketing, PR & advertising before the start of Token Sale;
Connecting to the project key figures of the crypto world;
Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q3 2019
ITO start 03.07.2019 в 13:15 UTC
Price 1 BILC = $ 1
Legal Applications for exchanges
Completion ITO 30.09.2019 05:03 UTC or when the hard cup
Completing BILC Distribution
Exchange Listing

Q4 2019
Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP
Platform Integration with External Resources
BILLCRYPT exchange trades start
Development Economic BILLCRYPT

Q1 2020
Running test BRs on the platform;
ViP testing;
Increased market presence;

Q2 2020
The complex of works on the technical and economic
development of the platform;
Test period BR & ViP

Q3 2020
launch of all platform functions;
Launch of BR with basic functions;
Launch of IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
Start on the platform of partnership projects;
Start closed pre-sales of partnership projects from the pool;

Q4 2020
Launch full-featured BR;
Integration solutions;
Start open pre-sales partnership projects;
Start ICO partner projects

2021 and further
Expanding platform capabilities;
World expansion BR & BILLCRYPT

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