Billcrypt Overview

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising Billcrypt and its advantages.

About BillCrypt

Billcrypt is a multi functional blockchain integration system that reflects agents of companies, professional communities, products and specialists. For investors; by looking at the image, it is going to be an descriptive and understandable structure that enables also to create investment decisions also to evaluate the enterprises that are represented reliably and fast. This will be the easiest and most dependable method to professionals, services.

Billcrypt is a universal platform that is decentralized. Its multifunctionality is on the basis of the simple fact block chain networks communities in addition to experts and companies incorporate the community of merchandise. The services can be used by platform users with a clear interface. Billcrypt presents a new idea.

On the basis of the stage, there was a gate way architecture built to adapt changes and the features between the block series systems. Entrepreneurs will be able to assist economic and small business models that are technical. The application form makes a environment that is cozy and takes the work of the actual business of this economy.

Block chain is a young industry so much its usage hasn’t become our lives. In terms of economic businesses, it can be said that technology’s employment is equally chaotic and non-systemic. The blockchain is not still consciously used by users. By way of instance, when checking the accuracy of documents or registering any rights, they encounter FINTECH products that are fresh. Another problem for the sector in general now is the absence of integration, as well as the economic and technical disintegration of algorithms, programmers and projects. A problem is for investors whenever they don’t need the chance. They are frequently forced to make trading decisions based on inadequate or erroneous information.


BILLCRYPT plans to make a few highlights and administrations that will help individuals to make their Blockchain Representative with a framework that is dependable, steady, protected and straightforward.

BILLCRYPT needs to make a framework where individuals can give dependable data about their items, skill, and administrations. Along these lines BILLCRYPT can assemble trust between clients, accomplices, contractual workers, purchasers, or speculators.

On the web, BILLCRYPT intends to give innovation openings and incorporation answers for existing and new blockchain that will associate with the new age of Internet

BILLCRYPT needs to make fresh out of the plastic new monetary models, which is where the installment capacity is progressive with the help of BILLCRYPT tokens

BILLCRYPT needs to make blockchain innovation reasonable and moderate to everybody. A blockchain situation that will incorporate disconnected organizations, and different advancements.

In order to make their aims become viable, BILLCRYPT went ahead to develop this model which are:

BILLCRYPT token advances with installed and benefit improvement capacities for worth proprietors with charging capacities in the framework, BILLCRYPT serves as a blockchain workplaces that shared interests, installment of clients of administrations and merchandise of the blockchain delegate office, gaining open doors for common clients in the framework, performing errands and assignments given by blockchain delegates.

What Other Features are there on BILLCRYPT Platform?

  • Ability to create your own Blockchain representation
  • Ability to select information flows that will form the ViP (Virtual image Page)
  • Tokenize your business
  • Attract funding for several projects
  • Conduct necessary activities that are associated with the blockchain and
  • Create BR groups for various products, services and business lines which will summarize the representative information about them on the main ViP page.

About Token Billcrypt

The platform has organized an initial token offering in order to sell the BILC token to the interested investors. Though the funds generated from the ITO sale of BILC token will be fully used in developing and marketing of the project. Having seen the uses and benefits of this platform, it is advisable to hold the BILC token because the project has every potential to do exploit in the crypto ecosystem.


Token sticker: BILC

Total Supply of the tokens: 152,000,000 BILC


Standard: ERC20

Price: 1 BILC = 1 USD

The token sale has begun since July 3, 2019 and it will end on September 30, 2019

Their soft cap target is 50,000 ETH and this has been achieved as of the time am filing this report.

Their hard cap target is 400,000 ETH


The emergence of the idea of creating a unified multifunctional blockchain platform for existing businesses, investment projects and investors.

Conceptual formation; Technology, tasks, solutions.

2nd quarter of 2018
Project development, economic systems and security systems; Negotiating and signing agreements with project partners, current participants of the investment group; Write smart contracts for BILLCRYPT token; Prepare to close before selling; June 27 launched BILLCRYPT (trial version); Start accepting applications for sale before closing, price 1BILC = $ 0.5

3rd quarter of 2018
Time trials; Continue to develop projects, economic systems and security systems; 08.08.2018 issued BILLCRYPT – emission of 152,000, 000 BILC Previous sale: 1BILC price = $ 0.5 Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = 5,000 $ Convert investment fund from existing investors (soon) to BILLCRYPT

4th quarter of 2018
Continuing work on projects and economic systems WhitePaper v.1 Development has completed Create a project website. October 18 – begins the final phase of the pre-sale opening. Price of 1BILC = 0.6. Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000. November 16 – open first sale (accept application). Price of 1BILC = 0.75 dollars. Minimum to buy 20,000 BILC = 15,000 dollars

First quarter of 2019
Modeling project process; Introduce terms and concepts of BR and ViP; Create innovative economic models; WhitePaper v.2; Negotiating with institutional investors.

2nd quarter of 2019
Expanding the concept of BR; Modeling system processes; Introduce terminology and concepts about IVO (Initial provisioning); WhitePaper v.3; Localizing languages (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) Marketing, PR & advertising before starting to sell Token; Connect with the main data of the project on the electronic money world; Negotiating with institutional investors.

3rd quarter of 2019
ITO starts July 3, 2012. 13:15 UTC Price 1 BILC = $ 1. Legal. Application for exchange. Complete ITO 30.09.2019 05:03 UTC or when the lid is hard. Complete BILC distribution. Exchange list

4th quarter of 2019
Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP; Integrating platform with external resources; BILLCRYPT exchange transaction started; BILLCRYPT economic development.

First quarter of 2020
Running the BR test on the platform; Testing ViP; Increase market presence;

2nd quarter of 2020
The complexity of the works on the economic and technical development of the platform; Testing time for BR & ViP

3rd quarter of 2020
Launch all platform functions; Launching BR with basic functions; Launch of IVO (Initial provisioning); Start on the foundation of collaborative projects; Start closing before selling cooperative projects from the pool;

Q4 2020
Full-featured BR launch; Integrated solution; Start opening cooperative projects before sales; Start ICO partner projects

2021 and more
Expanding platform capabilities; World BR expansion & BILLCRYPT



BILLCRYPT undertaking and objectives are extraordinary and they are the first to propose such an idea. BILLCRYPT framework will be the most significant thing for organizations, financial specialists and customary clients. Their dream is to make blockchain innovation reasonable, moderate, and valuable for everybody and all organization in the world.

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