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Major problem in centralized Gambling platform is the lack of transparency . They Conceal the information which are supposed to be made transparent to the users .Manipulation and lack of transparency has been the major shortcoming in Gambling industry and people begin losing trust in those platform due all these shortcoming . Blockchain technology has created a new era in Gambling industry which has guaranteed the users transparency , security and efficiency. Having critically studied the major problem in Gambling industry ,MatchBillion Team of developers has come up with a sustainable solution to all these problem by Innovating a Blockchain powered Jackpot Platform that operate on transparency model .Match Billion Jackpot Platform transact with Cryptocurrency in other to ensure Global accessibility, transparency , efficiency and security within their Platform . Reduction in the cost of maintenance and Global accessibility is another important reason MatchBillion adopt the use of Cryptocurrency for playing Games within their Platform .Users benefit low transaction cost by using cypto payment method .In a nutshell, transaction validity and security is assured.

Match billion pays attention to their users . Its not everyone who is opportune to buy Jackpot ticket like power ball because they are very expensive . MatchBillion has made it their priority to create a secured and affordable Jackpot platform which everyone will be able to use Globally. Opportunity to win over 2 BTC Jack pot will be made available to everyone.We shall discuss more about this below

MatchBillion is a Blockchain based Gambling platform . With Match Billion Platform , users can play in a very secured , transparency and fun environment . The Platform is built by team of experienced developers that sees the potential and opportunity in Gambling industry.


The effects of Blockchain technology is Gambling platform cant be over emphasized . All users deserve efficient, secured and transparency services..Blockchain is a complete revolution, its has proved to be a solution to so many problems in various Organisation.With Blockchain technology integrated with MatchBillion Platform , 100% transparency , security and efficiency is assured . With the aid of Blockchain technology Players can stake Games without any need to reveal their personal identity and receive rewards in anonymous mode.MBL Token is the MatchBillion Platform token which will serve as the traditional currency for staking Games in MatchBillion Platform. MBL token holders can participate in gaming prediction activities . Players stake different numbers for the Game .If 5 numbers stakes by users matches the result , the Player will win a million worth of MBL Token.


Only member of MatchBillion Platform who has the MBL Token can play in the Platform . Members ho does not have the token can easily sign up on the Website and acquire the quantity of Token needed. MDL Token is available on the Website . For those who doesn’t have funds to acquire the token , the MatchBillion Platform is currently conducting Airdrop program for the new users . New user can get their Airdrop and play on the Platform free .


Players need 2 MBL token per per line.Chose your choice of line , the more lines chosen the more payment required.

Make selection of 5 numbers of your choice ranging from 1-69


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