Today I will introduce to you all about the great project of bineuro Created by UTC World Corporation, BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence – a neural network that can learn and accumulate experiences. 

The system becomes “smarter” with every new advertising campaign on the Internet. 

The system stores the target image library of the most geographically successful and industry-related campaigns, and when new customers appear, BiNeuro immediately switches to a similar experience. 

It provides maximum efficiency, which can be useful for companies that pay for advertising, and even for professionals who charge a fee to view, increase campaign efficiency by at least 50% in 87% of cases.

Using this software, they can reduce costs effectively, because they require fewer specialists, and they will have more control over advertising campaigns. 

In fact, the company expects that more than 340,000 agents and 12 million freelancers will serve their services in the future. 

BiNeuro not only contains nerve optimization functions, but also expert evaluation system. BiNeuro is a new ecosystem designed for nerve advertising. It is an AI system built using machine learning, large data, genetic algorithms, and a single spectral analysis. In principle, if you want a shortened version: BiNeuro makes advertising more effective.

This may not sound like a very good description when you generalize it, but BiNeuro can make the company save a lot of money with better functioning ad campaigns.

The software already exists, but uses funds collected from ICO to upgrade the system and launch a new Web version of BiNeuro, which can be used by small agencies. Using smart contracts and key analytical data, checked by blockbuster, BiNeuro can make advertising more effective.

Stage 1 – explosive growth of the client base.

Service unique performance indicators. The neuro-optimization of checkpoints will lead to the large growth of BiNeuro’s client base, which consists of their partners and clients, direct advertisers. 

BiNeuro Ecosystem charges a fixed connection fee and a monthly fee to support the Neuro-PPC optimization. 

Step 2 – BiNeuro ecosystem development. 

In the second phase, the partners will have the opportunity to be part of the BiNeuro ecosystem. In addition to Partners, Ecosystems will also include Participants, professionals, contractors, bloggers, offline media, Clients, etc. 

BiNeuro Ecosystem creates maximum opportunities for partners to grow their business. 



The beginning of UCT advertising business 

Early development of algorithms to detect information attacks 

Creation of mathematical models of neural networks 

Description of consumer behavior model of promotional products 


Begin development of a prototype neural network that optimizes promotion in Google Adwords 

Become the first Google eligible company in Eastern Europe and CIS 

Launch your own alpha version of BiNeuro neural network 

Become the first Google AdWords certified partner 

BiNeuro 1.0 launch (11734 ad campaign). 


Has received ISO 9001: 2008 certificate 

BiNeuro 2.0 launch in company (26381 ad campaign) 

Become a Google Analytics Certified Partner 

Become an authorized agent of Yandex Direct 

Google Power-Up Winner 


Launch of its own company BiNeuro 3.0 (53 902 ad campaign) 

Win the Google contest winner “Ready for Rock” 

Become a major partner of Google inc 

Become the fastest growing Google partner in the world 

Run BiNeuro 4.0 at home 

Google Adwords targeting restrictions: 

There are no more than 5,000,000 individual targeting elements in your account (e.g., keyword, placement, and user category listings). 

There are no more than 1,000,000 campaign targeting items in your account (e.g., campaign-targeted locations and negative keywords) 

No more than 10,000 seats are targeted or excluded in the campaign, including up to 500 target areas within a radius. 

There are no more than 20 common allocation exception lists in your account (maximum number of items in the list is 65,000). 

No more than 65,000 excluded placements at the account level for each account (separate from ad group lists, campaigns and exclusions). 

No more than 128,000 excluded placements in the ad group (this includes exceptions for your account, list, campaign, and ad group). 

The software provisions are readily available, but that applies the resources collected from ICO to modernize its own concept and launch the latest Internet version of BiNeuro, which can be used by small marketing agencies. Applying smart contracts and in-depth basic information, tested by blockbuster, BiNeuro is able to show ads more effectively. 

Road Map 

July – September01.07.2018 – 30.09.2018 Integration of order forms Integration with SEO and AI chatbot Integration with YouTube and private databases

October – December01.10.2018 – 30.12.201 Integration of SMM and Google reports 

January – March 01.01.2019 – 03/03/2019 Integration of Programmatic CPA Integration

April – June 01.04.2019 – 06/30/2019 Integration of Impacts in Google Analytics analytics integration

October – December 01.10.2018 – 30.12.2018 Form a partner hierarchy in concepts (Premier Partners, Partners, Freelancers, opinion managers, independent institutions) Establish partner catalogs with ranking components, feedback on jobs and public networks.

Adds an independent job search function within the ecosystem 

January – March 01.01.2019 – 03/30/2019 Blocks control over the correctness of responses and ratings

July – September01 

/ 07/2018 – 30/09/2018 PP CSE OK MC October – December01.10.2018 – 30.12.2018 SMM 

January – March01.01.2019 – 30.03.2019 CPA 

April – June01.04.2019 – 06/30/2019 Impact of marketing program

July – September01 / 07/2018 – September 30, 2013 YouTube

October – December 01.10.2018 – 30 December 2013 Yandex

January – March 01/01/2019 – 03/30/2019 Connections to 10 largest CPA networks

April – June01.04.2019 – 06/30/2019 Baidu 

ICO and Token Provisions 

Token: BNR

Initial sales token: Mart 27, 2018

Term of sale of security keys: June 4, 2018

Token Price: 5-50 ETH, 1 = 0.0001 ETH BNR

Total supply: 850 million BNR

Standard marks: ERC 20

Hardcup: 47.000 ETH. 

Also there is a discount 

5-15 ETH: 2% discount;

15-30 ETH: 5% discount;

30-50 ETH: 8% discount;

50+ ETH: 10% discount. 

A fixed number of tokens will be issued, sales volume will be limited to Hard Cap, unsold tokens will be burned. Token distribution will be done through smart contract. The collected funds will be used to develop ecosystems, integrate tokens and finance advertising and marketing. 


Maybe this is the only review I provide as I provide official links that you can visit to get more information about bineuro and further development of bineuro team apologies if there is a shortage in the delivery hopefully this article useful for those of you who want to participate in sales before ico receive love.

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