Hello friends, I am Olagoke Gbade. Just as my usual practice of bringing great and valuable information to your way, today’s own will not be less as I have decided to give you information about this innovative projects company called “BiNeuro.” Please seat back and relax your nerves as you read through. Also, I encourage you not to just read but as well take important step by be a part of this great innovation.


My dear reader.I want to introduce you to the promising and I’m sure in the future with the Grand success of the project.Online marketing is currently one of the most basic ways to conduct an advertising campaign. This is a very profitable business , because it requires minimal costs , labor, and funds.In 2017 UCT WORLD CORPORATION was appointed to the top 10 fastest growing Google partners thanks to the BiNeuro system. Our company develops and uses an internal version BiNeuro since 2009. In the advertising campaigns of our clients BiNeuro demonstrates a stable increase in the performance of the campaign by at least 50%. BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system based on Data Science technology: machine learning (neural networks), big data, singular spectral analysis (SSA), fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms.Created by UTC World Corporation, BiNeuro is a new ecosystem designed for neuro-advertising. It is an AI system built using machine learning, big data, genetic algorithms, and singular spectral analysis. Basically, if you want a short version: BiNeuro makes advertising more effective.

It may not seem like such a great description when you generalize it, but BiNeuro can make companies save a lot of money by running advertising campaigns that just work better.

The software already exists, but it uses funds raised from the ICO to upgrade its systems and launch a new web version of BiNeuro that can be used by small advertising agencies. Using smart contracts and key analytical data, checked bloccano, BiNeuro can do advertising more effectively.BiNeuro dozvola Partners buduvati sviy business not only the way nadanna technologicznego outsourcing for PPC, SEO, KMC, SMM and others, Ale takozh DOPOMOGA m, zahoditi Clit, dozvola m use svy brand probuvati svoï services have vnutri I Sunny reklam and takozh INSHI dozvole to use the features, what nadeutsa ekosistemu.
Oskolki BiNeuro Patria reklamn campan on vsih movah on yakih working Google, I koristuvach Mauger povnistyu Autonomous pracovat s system mi occupo scho more 340 000 reklamnih agencies, and also 12 mlyons frelancers in global Internet marketing to become our Partners.The software is able to account for 1000 different parameters for small customers and up to 300 000 for large companies, responding 24/7 to new changes. Even an expert Advisor cannot deal with more than 40 parameters at the same time.

This ensures maximum efficiency, which can be useful for companies that pay for advertising, and even for professionals who charge for viewing, increasing the effectiveness of campaigns by at least 50% in 87% of cases.
By using this software, they can effectively reduce the cost of a lot because they will need less professionals and they will have more control over the advertising campaign. In fact, the company expects more than 340,000 agencies and 12 million freelancers to serve its services in the future.
Stage 1 – the explosive growth of the client base
Unique performance indicators service Neuro-optimization of PPC will lead to the explosive growth of the client base BiNeuro, consisting of partners and their customers is direct advertisers.
BiNeuro Ecosystem will charge a fixed fee for the connection and a monthly fee for support of Neuro-optimization PPC
Stage 2 – Development ecosystem BiNeuro
In the second phase, partners will have the opportunity to become part of the ecosystem BiNeuro. In addition to the Partners Ecosystem will also include Participants, specialists, contractors, bloggers, offline media, Clients, etc.
BiNeuro Ecosystem creates maximum opportunities for partners to develop their business, providing them with the following functions:

Let’s talk a little bit about ICO Token Details
Token symbol: BNR
Token Sales Start: Ma, 2018
Sale ends marker: June 4, 2018
Nominal price: 5 – 50 FL, 1 HP = 0.0001 is
Total offer: 850 million BNR
Token standard: cher 20
Tough Cup: 47,000 ethnic
Given the steep partners of the project, we can safely say that the token is waiting for a really gorgeous future. We can safely say that it will not be a Scam with the honest implementation of all steps.In my opinion, the rating of the project is AAA. Maximum attractiveness for investors

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