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Online marketing is currently one of the most basic ways of holding an advertising company. This is a very profitable enterprise, since it requires minimal labor and cash costs. BiNeuroIs an artificial intelligence – a neural network that can learn and accumulate experience. This system was developed by a team of specialists with many years of practical experience in online marketing, applied mathematics and programming. The BiNeuro system was created by UCT World Corporation. It is based on a neural network that creates the so-called target images of advertising accounts of the PPC, while maintaining effective settings and parameters. When BiNeuro receives data about a new advertising campaign, the system analyzes them and finds target images of the most effective accounts among similar ones in a similar area. The selected system settings are transferred to the new campaign account.
The essence of the platform’s action is that when scaling BiNeuro by translating it to the WEB interface, it will in turn allow even a small advertising agency to conduct online advertising campaigns for large clients independently and efficiently.
The BiNeuro platform understands the following characteristics:
  • Technologies Data Science – the science of data, studying the analysis, processing and use of digital information;
  • Machine learning, based on neural networks. The program analyzes the information obtained earlier, as well as the methods of its use, compares it with new information and selects similar options;
  • Big Data – the phenomenon of “large data”, implying work with huge arrays of information;
  • Singular spectrum analysis – SSA, time series analysis method;
  • Fuzzy logic fuzzy logic – based on the concept of fuzzy set;
  • Decision trees – methods for automatic data analysis;
The BiNeuro platform is developed on the basis of Ethereum network, which allows using so-called smart contracts within its framework. The use of such contracts will significantly improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, as well as ensure transparency and security of all operations conducted on the BiNeuro platform.
This project was created on Blockschine technology in order to satisfy all possible needs of advertising agencies, freelancers, specialists, contractors, bloggers, offline agencies, customers, etc.
Ecosystem BiNeuro provides the following options:
  • the formation of a reliable rating of ecosystem participants, based on feedback from only those who actually used and paid for services (this function is provided by Blockchain);
  • search for clients, partners, contractors, work and employees with the help of an expert system of artificial intelligence based on reliable ratings, confirmed by Blockchain;
  • conclusion of agreements, execution of payments and other transactions between participants of the Ecosystem using smart contracts.
  • advertising RRS in Google.
During the campaign, BiNeuro takes into account from 1000 parameters for small customers and up to 300,000 for large online stores and reacts to changes in the situation in 24/7 mode. For comparison, a high-end digital expert can “keep in mind” at best 40 parameters and dedicate one hour for several days of a separate campaign.
Details of the ICO
Name of Tokens – BiNeuro
Platform – Ethereum
Token symbol – BNR
The number of tokens issued is 850,000,000 BNR
Minimum investment – 500 BNR
The cost of the token is 1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH
Hard Cap – 47,000 ETH
Soft Cap – not available
bonus program
Road map
The project team
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