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BitNeuro is an artificial intelligence – a neural network that can learn and accumulate experience. This system was developed by a team of specialists with many years of practical experience in online marketing, applied mathematics and programming. The BitNeuro system was created by the corporation UCT World Corporatoin. It is based on a neural network that creates the so-called target images of PPC advertising accounts, while preserving effective settings and parameters. When BiNeuro receives data about a new advertising campaign, the system analyzes them and finds target images of the most effective accounts among similar ones in a similar area.

Platform Features:

  • Data Science – the science of data, studying the issues of analysis, processing and use of digital information.
  • Machine learning , based on neural networks. The program analyzes the information obtained earlier, as well as the methods of using it, compares it with new information and selects similar options
  • Big Data – the phenomenon of “big data”, which involves working with huge arrays of information
  • Analysis of the singular sector – SSA, the method of analysis of the run-time series
  • Fuzzy logic fuzzy logic – based on the concept of fuzzy set

    Bineuro Token Sale

    Bineuro is currently planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the development of its blockchain, so this is the best opportunity to invest in the company. This project is already happening and the success of ICO will only affect the speed of change, not the project itself.

    The tokens are ERC20 based and you can buy them for 0.0001 ETH each. However, there are certain discounts. Sales will occur from March 27 to June 4 and each week’s discount, which will start at 20%, will be reduced by 2% to 0% in the last week.

    Bineuro ICO Token Detail

    • Token Symbol: BNR
    • Sales Token Start: Marzo 27, 2018
    • Token Sales Ends: June 4, 2018
    • Token Price: 1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH
    • Total Supply: 850 Million BNR
    • Standard Token: ERC 20
    • Hard Cap: 47 Million ETH

    A fixed number of Tokens will be issued, the volume of sales will be limited by Hard Cap, unsold tokens will be burned. The distribution of Tokens will be done through a smart contract. The collected funds will be used for Ecosystem Development, the integration of the Token and the financing of advertising and marketing.

    Bineuro project is already working and regardless of the collected amount will be fully implemented. The collected amount will affect the speed of the implementation of the project to refine the ecosystem and geography of the regions of its initial introduction.

    Participation in Token Sale During Token Sale, you can purchase BNR tokens by making a direct ETH transfer to the smart contract address. We accept only ETH wallets. Be careful and remember that you should not make payments from ERC-20 incompatible wallets or from an account on a crypto exchange, which can lead to loss of control over the Tokens you have purchased.


    More information can be found on:
    Web site:



    Telegram EN:





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