BioCoin Blockchain-based Loyalty Platform

BioCoin ICO

Another ICO that I would like to draw your attention to is BioCoin. A platform that can unite socially responsible businesses around the world. Idealization of the project, its purpose is the development of organic in agriculture, support for local family farms, production, careful attitude to nature, sustainable development of the planet in accordance with the principles of green economy.
The creators of the platform – the farm cooperative LavkaLavka (on the market since 2009).

The technological solution of BioCoin is a unique block-module that can work with many international loyalty systems and convert the bonuses and points awarded to customers to the crypto currency.

How it works?
All clients of shops, restaurants and other business projects that have joined the BioCoin loyalty platform are automatically becoming participants of the ICO. When they make a purchase or use the service they get a reward, only not in the form of points, but in the BIO Crypto currency on their personal crypto-coin. In the future, the customer can pay with the help of the goods in any store-partner or cafe, participating in the loyalty program BioCoin, or sell it on the exchange at a more favorable rate.

Why is BioCoin profitable for business?
It is no longer necessary to invent shares and discounts and lose profits on it. For the purchase of farmer’s and organic products, the buyer receives MONEY (bio), which subsequently returns to the business itself. What could be better? In addition, it is an excellent marketing tool for attracting new customers.

What are the advantages for investors BioCoin ICO?
The number of issued BIO is limited – only 1 billion. There will not be a new emission. Becoming an investor, you automatically get your own deserved share of the crypto currency (at the rate). Sell, which later on the stock exchange, you can for a lot of money. After all, each founder of a partner business project for charging BIO buyers has only one way: to buy them on the exchange with investors who purchased them during the ICO. Therefore, you become a unique owner of the currency. Considering the growth rates of the businesses participating in the BioCoin program, the need for redemption will continue to grow. Accordingly, demand and price will grow.

Biocoin is already in the business.
Now about 50 companies and businesses have announced their adherence to biocoin all over the world. By December 2017, there will be 500. In 2018, more than 3000 businesses will take bio. Among them: LavkaLavka, UAZ, Dabbi, Mark and Leo, BROTECH Fermentation technology, Premium Bonus and many others.

How much does Bio cost?
PreSale (25/09/2017 – 10/8/2017), 50 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (9/10/2017 – 11/10/2017), 45 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (10/12/2017 – 10/14/2017), 40 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (10/15/2012 – 9/11/2017), 35 BIO = 1 USD.
Buy BIO is possible using BTC, ETH, WAVES, SIB, RUB, Yandex.Money, QIWI.
Now, in order to show how the ecosystems of BioCoin work before the ICO, have already launched 20 million BIO. Kohins are accepted for payment by farmers of the cooperative LavkaLavka for the supply of products. Buyers of the cooperative LavkaLavka and a network of partners pay for them, which becomes more and more every day. Ecosystem BioCoin is launched and is developing rapidly.


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